APU student-planned and -organized exhibition “Spinning, Kannawa” has opened.


Feb 10, 2021

On Monday, February 1, 2021, a group art exhibition planned and organized by Akane Hashimoto (College of Asia Pacific Studies 4rd year) opened in the Kannawa area of Beppu City, a resort area famous for its hot springs. During this event, photographs, illustrations, candles, and other works by APU and Beppu University students will be displayed on a weekly basis, and baristas will be on hand to serve freshly ground coffee. From the second to fourth weeks of the exhibition, coffee will be served by third-year students from the APU Startup Programs "Café Hush-Hush" and "Monogatari Café." Certain artists’ works on display, as well as magazines produced by Ms. Hashimoto and others, will also be for sale.

Based on her experiences from a working holiday abroad, Akane Hashimoto, the organizer of the event, enrolled in APU to study cross-cultural understanding and local community with an emphasis on communication. Since living in the Kannawa area, Ms. Hashimoto felt a deep connection with the warmth of the local people. As a result, she wanted to let as many people as possible know how good the area is and give back to the people of Kannawa in any way possible. For this reason, Ms. Hashimoto planned a group art exhibition that aimed to connect the past and the future, and also the community and the people. This event is scheduled to be held until the end of February, with careful attention paid to infection control.

Kotoha Hirose and Akira Mitarai of Café Hush-Hush, and candle artist Momoko Oda (all students at the College of Asia Pacific Studies, 2nd year)

Members of the "Monogatari Cafe"

Jongmin Miura ( College of Asia Pacific Studies, 2nd year) and Kaoru Inada (College of Asia Pacific Studies, 3rd year) exhibited their photos.

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