Industry-University Collaboration: Students Present Outline of Event Plan for Suginoi Hotel


Oct 17, 2023

On September 27 (Wed.) 2023, at APU, students who have been planning the event "World Holiday Festival - Multi Cultural Festival 2023 (referred to below as MCF2023)" presented an outline of their event and the results of the industry-academia collaboration to ORIX Hotel Management Corporation (OHM) and APU executives. This presentation was open to the press and was covered by many media outlets.

ORIX Hotel Management Corporation, Suginoi Hotels & Resorts Co., Ltd., and APU signed a "Friendship Exchange Agreement" in December 2021 to promote initiatives aimed at developing human resources who will contribute to the future of the tourism industry and regional revitalization. This year, OHM employees were welcomed as APU faculty members to teach regular courses (credited courses) on hotel marketing and other subjects. As part of this collaboration, APU students, in partnership with Suginoi Hotel staff, have been planning events for guests staying at the Beppu Onsen Suginoi Hotel, continuing from last year.

This year's MCF2023 will be held in an expanded area while taking advantage of the lessons learned from last year's event. As the event name suggests, the theme is "World Holiday," and there will be booths where visitors can experience Christmas and New Year's from around the world, hands-on illumination workshops, multicultural dance shows, and other events that will be enjoyed not only by overnight hotel guests but also by day-trippers. For details, please visit the Beppu Onsen Suginoi Hotel website.

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