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  2. Multicultural Events
  3. Multicultural Week

The Multicultural Week activities flow

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The Multicultural Week activities flow

For new registrations, please use the survey submission system as follows


①Submission of required documents in designated period

Holding events in the spring semester:
in 10 working days after Classes 2nd quarter starts at preceding semester(Fall semester)
Holding events in fall semester:
in 10 working days after Classes 2nd quarter starts at preceding semester(Spring semester)

Student Office

②Approval for registration

will be announced in the same month as your submission if there is enough information on the application.
Approval cannot be made if there are not enough information, the description content is ambiguous and lack of concreteness, the safety measure is not enough. You can re-submit up to 2 times.


③registration Information

Please submit the Member list.
Change of registered information⇒⇒Member list
please submit the apu-online registration form
Facilities & equipment use → apu-online registration form

Students office

④Leaders meeting

Students office

⑤Atelier Cleaning session


⑥Participation in guidance

Sound equipment guidance・Millennium hall guidance・Millennium hall reservation meeting


⑦Submission of required documents

Submision documents 11 working days prior to your first event date.

If you could not complete, all of your reservation and all l of the your events will be canceled.

  • 1.
    Project Overview
  • 2.
    Budget planning sheet【Expenditure】
  • 3.
    Budget planning sheet【Income】

⑧Holding events


⑨Submission of documents in 11 days after your events finished

  • 1.
  • 2.
    Final_account_report【expenditure/Income/Payment Transfer Information】
  • 3.
  • 4.
    Update of the Member list including participants

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