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About APU

APU selected for the Program for the Promotion of Internationalization of University Education (Advanced Overseas Education Project Grant) by MEXT 2005

The Ministry of Education (MEXT) began accepting applications for this grant in June 2005. The purpose of the grant is to advance the international recognition of Japan's higher education by sending university faculty and staff to educational and research institutions abroad. Participants gain skills and learn about new and better educational content and methods, which in turn, can be used to promote reforms to the higher education system in Japan. Applications were submitted by 101 universities, junior colleges and technical colleges. Of those, 19 were chosen, including APU.

About the Project

Project Name:

Global Active Learning (Developing Educational Programs to Link Knowledge, Experience and Exchange)

Project Outline:

Global Active Learning is an educational system that allows for on-site participatory learning. This program shall take advantage of our multicultural and multilingual atmosphere allowing Japanese and international students to study together overseas in an effort to foster knowledge, experience and exchange.

To further develop fieldwork, language programs, regional research, internships and other educational programs at APU, we will survey those institutions overseas that are on the cutting edge of Active Learning.

Goals and Desired Effects:

Our goal is to develop programs that not only meet students' needs for "experience" and "exchange," but also give them the research skills they need to function in society. Through Active Learning, students can apply the knowledge they've gained in the classroom to practical use in the field. While they are in the field, supplementary tasks will be given to the students so that, by the time they finish the program, they are able to conduct a self-evaluation to determine to what degree they have achieved the goals they set in the classroom. In addition, their instructor shall provide continuous supervision to guide them to the next level of specialized study.

And what are the effects of Active Learning? For example, if a student who wants to improve their proficiency in an Asia-Pacific language does fieldwork about social problems with international students from that respective region, he or she can not only improve their language skills but gain valuable insight into the regional culture at the same time. In another example, students who participate in internships or joint research with international organizations can expect to further develop their ability to conduct effective research.