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Expressing Yourself with “OUT OF SIGHT”

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Febiola Darmawi FARREN, vice representative of OUT OF SIGHT

Have you ever felt like you just want someone to just listen to your story without judging?
Well, I have….
Sometimes, people don’t dare to speak up about their personal issues with others because they are scared of judgment, rejection, criticism, or ridicule. All they need is just someone to listen anonymously and that is where OUT OF SIGHT comes in.
Meet Febiola Darmawi FARREN, a marketing student from Indonesia who is passionate about design as a way to transfer her creativity into work and express herself even more freely.


OUT OF SIGHT is a digital magazine that focuses on art and creative findings to express thoughts that are not often talked about or heard in society, then turns it into different volumes and themes, such as self-love, hate, and breakup. To build a deep connection with the community, they publish each volume based on the submissions from their followers and members.

Meet the mascots! Goofy, Happy, and Moody

Design from Volume 4: Congratulating Yourself

Design from Volume 5: Long Distance Relationship

“We hope people who take part in our volumes and the one who also follow us on Instagram will be able to find and discover true self and grow to be the best version of themselves”
- Out of Sight

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What was the motivation to start “OUT OF SIGHT”?

Farren: It began when the pandemic started, and we all had to stay at home. So, obviously, since then, it was difficult to meet people face-to-face with so many things going on. I think most of us began to lose track of things, especially the connections. We collapsed with the whole pandemic that led us to slowly lose touch of what it felt like before the pandemic to interact, communicate, and socialize with other people. From there, we came up with an idea of a platform where people can rebuild the connections that were perhaps slowly fading away between the people around them or even with themselves. Also, we wanted to create a sense of community comfort, like an open space for everyone to express themselves and bond together.

Out of Sight’s Members

Message from Farren

When you want to start something up just be confident in yourself and be brave enough to pursue what you want. When you try new things, you will learn a lot and grow in the process. So, if you do have passion for what you are doing and have a clear goal on what you want to reach, just go for it and learn because it is never too late to start.

Online Interview with Farren

Special Thanks to Febiola Darmawi FARREN and team for creating and sharing such a helpful and safe platform for us to express ourselves, stay connected with others, and grow together as a whole. Last but not least, let me share Farren’s favorite quote: “Whenever there is a challenge, there is also an opportunity to face it.” I could not agree more on this because not everyone who works hard is successful, but all successful people take initiative and work hard.

Nichakorn Kurpipat
Nichakorn Kurpipat

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