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Sri Lankan Cricket’s Big Match

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Japan is finally allowing large-scale events like before the pandemic. Even at APU, for the first time in 3 years, we celebrated the school festival, Tenku Festival, in person. That’s when I began to think about school events in other countries and decided to ask my previous floormate, Ahamed, about school events in Sri Lanka.

Ahamed told me about the “Big Match,” a once-in-a-year cricket tournament. Cricket, which is said to be the baseball’s prototype, is the most popular sport in Sri Lanka.

At Big Matches, players compete representing their schools. On the day of the match, all students gather at school before heading to the stadium to cheer on their teams. They travel by big trucks instead of buses, where the student body sings and dances as a group. “It’s like a parade! Anyway, it’s fun!” Ahamed says.

At the stadium the students cheer the players on, waving their school flags. The students from the opposing school also passionately cheer their support. The winners also sing and dance to celebrate their victory.

I feel it might be similar to Japan’s “Undoukai.” Everyone joining together to have a good time is wonderful. It would be fun to plan a new event in Japan to encourage exchange with other countries/regions.

Ahamed Nazahir
College of International Management 3rd year
Sri Lanka

(Published in the morning edition of the Oita Godo Shimbun on November 27, 2022)

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