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APU graduate employed at Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation gives a message to current students

Dec 11, 2008

Takeshi OKA (Grad. Spring'05, Mitsubishi Chemicals Corporation, Sales Planning, Separation Materials Department, Performance Products Division) visited APU for the Career Development Lecture "Occupational Awareness and Career Development" and gave a message to the current students as an APU graduate looking back on his university days."I sent my high school years overseas and had a dream of working overseas in the future. When I was job searching I came across, and secured a job at, Mitsubishi Chemicals Corporation -a globally developing company which fulfilled my wish to work in Japanese industry rather than a Japanese branch of a foreign company.

At the time I was first employed I, who had had nothing to do with the science field during my school days, had to learn from scratch about Separation Materials -the area which I was to be in charge of. However, the APM lectures following practical business that I had taken and the knowledge I gained through them have been a great help in my job.

I spent 4 years at APU which is a place of great importance to me because I could maintain the English ability I gained overseas and improve my international sense while in Japan.

To the current students: I urge you to enjoy your time now as students and try your very best so that you produce a result from your job hunting that leaves you satisfied and without regrets."

During his time at APU, Mr. OKA was affiliated with the APU Circle 'APU STATION' and was in charge of the sound and lighting of a range of stage performances held at APU. In his current job at the Separation Materials Department he does business with power companies, especially nuclear power stations, throughout Japan.

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