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Students present their research findings –The 5th Seminar Convention


Jan 22, 2010

On Friday, December 18, and Monday 21, 2009, the 5th Seminar Convention was held at which APU students presented their research findings. Presentations were given by students of the SEIKE, SUZUKI Yasushi, SUZUKI Koji, FUKUTANI, PISHVA, and ISODA seminars.

Now in its fifth year, the Seminar Conventions are designed to provide a place for students to present their research findings. Held since 2005, these presentation seminars also aim to improve students' academic awareness and energize cross-college and inter-research group exchange. Headed my KUJIME Noburou (APM4, Japan) this year's seminar was planned and managed by the 5th Seminar Convention Executive Committee. KUJIME Noburou is a member of the SUZUKI Koji research seminar.

Held as an opportunity to see what APU students are researching, improve the freshman and sophomore students' understanding of the research seminar system, and assist in the process of seminar selection, this event was well received by the many people who came along including members of the local community.

FUKUTANI seminar student LEE Ji Young (APM3, Korea) delivered a presentation under the theme of "The increasing job turnover rate among foreign workers in domestic Japanese companies and issues for the future" which looked at the high job turnover rate amongst foreign nationals working at Japanese companies even as the number of international students in Japan continues to rise. Ms. LEE then presented steps that could be taken to improve the situation from a tertiary education and business sector perspective. A number of questions and opinions were raised by the audience such as the possibility of an official policy from the Japanese government. The presentation ended with a lively discussion. Looking back on the presentation, Ms. LEE said, "This was a great opportunity to hear opinions from other seminar members and get a fresh view on the research I have done so far. I hope to reflect the new views and opinions when I put together my thesis."

Furthermore, Seminar Convention Executive Committee representative KUJIME Noburou (APM4, Japan), commented on the event, "We had many committee members who where taking on an event like this for the first time. But after a process of trial-and-error, we were able to gain experience and skills that I'm sure will come prove useful when we go job-hunting. I am sure that this opportunity to get a glimpse into the knowledge of the different seminars will lead the audience to have a more encompassing research approach. I hope that future conventions will develop into a place for the stirring-up of interest in our students' research and that it expands to include even more seminars. I would also like to thank the faculty staff for their cooperation, the students for their presentations, and the audience members who came along and made this event possible."

APU continues to nurture the free imagination of our students and facilitate the lively exchange of opinions between our students and faculty members.

Seminar Meeting Presenters and Themes:
TAKAO Katsuya (APS, SEIKE seminar)
 "Considerations toward understanding Kant's moral theory"
IGUCHI Satoshi (APS, SEIKE seminar)
 "The possibilities of Luhmann's social systems"
AKATSUKA Kyouko(APS, SEIKE seminar)
  "Research on life theories in Japan – looking at issues surrounding brain-death and organ transplantation"
ABE Mari, and other members (APM, SUZUKI seminar)
 "If you want to shoot the general, shoot his horse first – NEC Electronics and IBIDEN Electronics, China"
KONISHI Hiroshi (APS, SUZUKI seminar)
" Research on local medical care in rural communities"
INOUE Takaaki, and other members (APM, SUZUKI seminar)
 "The true character of Moratorium-related bills"
Penpicha Kijpanich, and other members (APM, SUZUKI seminar)
 "The Fuji Xerox Asian strategy – One Village, One Product (Thailand, Vietnam), If you want to shoot the general, shoot his horse first (Indonesia)"
ENYA Yuji, and other members (APM, SUZUKI seminar)
 "Failure breeds success – Toyota automobile recalls in China and Hyundai marketing in Korea"
Lee Jiyung (APM, FUKUTANI seminar)
 "The increasing job turnover rate among foreign workers in domestic Japanese companies and issues for the future"
Do Ngoc Khanh (APS, PISHVA seminar)
 "Machine Vision Based Cash Register System for APU Cafeteria"

Reporter, Student Press Assistant (SPA): MAEHARA Hironobu (APS3, Japan)

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