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Ritsumeikan Chancellor KAWAGUCHI Kiyofumi Appointed as Japanese Chairman of the 3rd Japan-Korea Cultural Conference

Feb 12, 2010

Ritsumeikan Chancellor and Ritsumeikan University President KAWAGUCHI Kiyofumi was chosen to serve as the Japanese Chairman of the 3rd Japan-Korea Cultural Conference. He will serve alongside his Korean counterpart, Hanyang University College of International Studies Professor (and Japan Studies Center Director) CHUNG Ku-Chong, for two years. The two Chairmen are expected to issue policy proposals to the governments of both nations.
The Japan-Korea Cultural Conference was established upon an agreement made at the Japan-Korea Summit in March 1999 with the aim of expanding citizen-level exchange, especially exchange among the younger generations, between the two countries. To date, the author MIURA Shumon and the late Japanese painter HIRAYAMA Ikuo have served as the Japanese Chairmen of the Conference and they issued several proposals to promote arts and cultural exchange.

Chancellor KAWAGUCHI Kiyofumi provided the following remarks on the occasion of his appointment.

"This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Japanese annexation of Korea. As such, it is a great honor to have been given the important task of laying the foundation for the future of Japan-Korea relations and relations with the nations of Asia, and I am imbued with a strong sense of responsibility. I believe that the next 100 years must be one of developing friendly relations among the peoples of Japan, Korean and the nations of Asia. Japan and Korea's mutual understanding and cooperation play an extremely important role in the global peace-building process, and arts and cultural exchange holds significant meaning in the promotion of that mutual understanding. Rich personal exchanges among the students of Japan, Asia and the world do not merely link them together, they deepen mutual cooperation and trust and allow them to hone strong intellectual skills and empathy for others.
By engaging in discussions at the Japan-Korea Cultural Conference, I intend to issue proposals that serve to further inter-university exchange as well as cultural, sports and academic exchange between the youth of both nations. Nothing would please me more than if these endeavors led to the creation of trans-boundary networks for peaceful and sustainable development in the 21st century."

Based on his wide-ranging experience in Asia as Ritsumeikan's representative, Chancellor KAWAGUCHI will issue relevant proposals on youth exchange and serve as the lead coordinator for the Conference's Japanese delegation.

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