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The APU2020 Vision – a Roadmap to the Year 2020

Apr 20, 2011

Recently finalized, the "APU2020 Vision" provides the University a vision for the future and a roadmap to where it aims to be in the year 2020. Based on this Vision, the University will work to utilize its unique features to promote further educational reforms, research and contributions to the local community.
Finalized in May, 2010, the Ritsumeikan "Academy Vision R2020" signals a vision towards the future shape of the entire Ritsumeikan Academy. It also provided the starting point for the "APU2020 Vision" which came about through discussions between faculty and staff about the kind of university APU should aim to become in the coming years. Further feedback and opinions gathered from current students, graduates, parents, guardians, faculty and staff were then reflected into the final version. As a document that all stakeholders can feel an affiliation with, the Vision hopes to bring to the forefront the APU founding philosophy of "Freedom, Peace and Humanity".

 Here at APU we have students from many different countries and regions around the world and an international faculty offering approximately 80% of all lectures in both English and Japanese. In fact, nearly half of all faculty members at APU are foreign nationals. Through studying in such a multicultural and multilingual environment, our students develop into graduates with an international outlook. This unique feature is something that our University can take pride in.

The spirit of peace is one of APU’s guiding principles and one that our multicultural and multilingual environment helps to nurture. The Asia Pacific region is home to a variety of cultures and societies which sometimes leads to tension and friction. I hope that each and every one of our graduates can become a bridge linking nations and regions and work to peacefully resolve through dialogue the important issues facing the Asia Pacific region.

In the coming years, we will continue our efforts to further establish ourselves as the leading international university in Japan and raise the standard of our students, faculty and staff even higher.

Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University
President, KORENAGA Shun

The "APU2020 Vision"

Please click here to see the comments and opinions gathered during the Vision formulation process.(PDF file)


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