Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University



12th Top Executive Lecture

Dec 19, 2006

On Friday, December 15th, APU welcomed Mr Yoji Ohashi, the Chairman of the Board of Directors at All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. (ANA), to present this year's final Top Executive Lecture.The title of the lecture was ANA's slogan of "Anshin, Attaka, Akaraku Genki!" (reliable, warm, enthusiastic).

Mr Ohashi began by touching upon how the September 11 terrorist attacks, SARS, the war in Iraq, avian influenza and soaring oil prices have affected the airline industry, bringing about a need for reform and to "turn misfortune into opportunity" and providing a service based on "quality rather than quantity".

ANA's reforms were described in detail. Foremost amongst these was placing an even greater emphasis on safety, one of ANA's long-held principles. Cost reduction through updating aircraft to more economical models and safety measures such as registering as Japan's first airline for the standardized safety audit program (IOSA), were also undertaken by ANA under their vision "to be the number one airline in Asia by 2009".

At the end of his presentation, Mr Ohashi left some pearls of wisdom to the full audience with an excess of 700 students present: "While you are a student, meet and get to know all types of different people. Seek an encounter that has the potential to change your life."

The question and answer session included questions such as "What are ANA's strengths?" and "What practices are in place to raise employee morale?" and stretched beyond its allocated time with Mr Ohashi kindly taking the time to respond to each question.

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