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Prof. Ogata's Retirement Lecture

Mar 26, 2007

Prof. OGATA Masakatsu, a lecturer from the College of Asia Pacific Studies will retire at the end of March 2007. To commemorate his retirement, Prof. Ogata held a special lecture on Tourism on Saturday March 17th. It was a wonderful opportunity for over 150 participants including ex-students of Prof. Ogata, tourism specialists and local citizens to deepen their understanding of tourism.Prof. Ogata delivered his lecture on the theme of "Principles and Trends in Tourism", providing insights into how "Kanko" (sightseeing) developed into "Tourism" and explained about "Ecotourism" in an easy to understand manner. He also talked about what is essential to promote tourism and gave several specific examples on how Beppu City can revitalize its tourism industry.

Following the presentation, audience members had the opportunity to ask Prof. Ogata some questions based on his lecture. The questions explored topics such as ways to revitalize regional tourism in Oita Prefecture as opposed to just Beppu City, and the role of children in cultural exchange in the region. Professor Ogata answered each question in detail providing much food for thought.

Prof. Ogata will continue to work as a Seminar Lecturer until September, 2007

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