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Possible Class Cancellations

Jan 31, 2005

Large snowfalls are expected on the APU campus for the next two days.
There is a chance that classes will be cancelled.

For information on classes on the morning of Wednesday Second Feburary, please refer to the campus terminal at the 07.15. on the day.

Alternatively, there is a class cancellation information telephone service at 0977-78-1110.

1.Morning classes
If either (1) or (2) in the following circumstances are in effect at 7:00, all morning classes will be cancelled :

(1)When a storm alert (boufuu keihou) is issued for the central region of Oita prefecture or public transportation is halted.
(2)When either Oita Kotsu Bus or Kamenoi Bus stop all services to and from APU.

2. Afternoon classes
If either 1 or 2 above are in effect at 10:30, all afternoon classes will also be cancelled. This information will be available on the campus terminal at 10:45.

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