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Summer English Seminar for High School Students

Jul 27, 2007

A 'Summer English Seminar' geared towards high school students who are enrolled in the affiliated schools of Ritsumeikan Academy has been carried out every year since the 2004 academic year. Approximately 70 students will participate in this year's seminar which will be held from Sunday, July 29 to Thursday, August 2. A number of international students from APU will be Teaching Assistant (TAs) at the seminar, which aims to promote enhanced English learning and studying English to experience cross-cultural understanding.

It will be great opportunity for the high school students to not only learn about the merits of studying English but to learn about intercultural understanding from the TAs' presentations. Students will see firsthand the type of research programs offered on and off campus.

Ritsumeikan Uji Senior High School is one of the affiliated schools of Ritsumeikan Academy. It is designated as a 'Super English Language High School' (SELHi) and is carrying out various initiatives to beef up its English studies.

Ritsumeikan Uji Senior High School Homepage:
Japanese: http://www.ujc.ritsumei.ac.jp/ujc/information/sh/page1.html
English: http://www.ujc.ritsumei.ac.jp/ujc/english/topics/2005/09/

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