Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University



"5th TENKUSAI" University Festival at APU

Nov 8, 2007

The 5th Tenkusai university festival was held on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th October at APU and attracted about 20,000 people. This year's theme was "AP YOU & ME" and the planning committee aimed to create a festival where APU students and visitors could interact through the various events.

There were three stages at different locations around the campus hosting a variety of performances such as Wadaiko (traditional Japanese drums), Samulnori (traditional Korean music), wind orchestra and band performances, and also traditional dances from all over the world. A total of seven groups from Ritsumeikan University also came to participate in the festival, including "Wadaiko Don", a traditional Japanese drum group. They performed together with "Arauma Chiyo", a traditional Japanese performance group from APU, and both groups competed to pump up the audience.

In addition, various student academic groups held photo and art exhibitions and an exhibition based on overseas volunteer activities. There was also the traditional Japanese tea ceremony and an exhibition wrestling match by members of Oita AMW Pro-wrestling.

The visitors appeared to enjoy browsing around the flea market and tasting the array of cuisine at the food stalls, which included ethnic foods such as Korean chijimi and bibinmen, Indonesian nasi goreng and Vietnamese spring rolls.

The "Night Festival" took place on the evening of the 28th, when the campus was lit up to create an enchanting atmosphere to match the evening program of a fashion show of national costumes. This was followed by a spectacular fireworks display which brought the festival to a spectacular finish.

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