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Ones' 1 Fair Trade Photo Exhibition: "Poverty in the Philippines"

Apr 22, 2008

A photo exhibition entitled "Poverty in the Philippines", hosted by APU student organization "Ones' 1 Fair Trade", is currently being held in the APU cafeteria and will run for six days, from Monday 21st to Saturday 26th April.On display are photos taken by people living in poor areas of the Philippines, as well as short articles describing the current condition there and a simple explanation on the significance of Fair Trade activities.

At the opening of the exhibition, a representative for Ones' 1 Fair Trade, OKAMURA, Eriko (APS3, Japan) commented as follows.
"We organize activities such as a monthly study session to spread information about the Fair Trade movement, and we also sell Fair Trade goods at the APU Coop. The aim of this photo exhibition is to inform people of the current situation in this area through the words and photos of the local people, and to help them learn about people in distant countries through Fair Trade. On this occasion, we will also be selling cards made by local artisans introduced at the photo exhibition, so please come along and learn firsthand about Fair Trade!"

Fair Trade is an organized social movement aimed at alleviating global poverty and promoting sustainability. This movement hopes to improve the quality of life and encourage self-sustainability of the producers and workers in developing countries through the purchase, at a fair price, of raw materials and products of those countries.

Ones' 1 Fair Trade Photo Exhibition: "Poverty in the Philippines"
Date: Monday 21st - Saturday 26th April 2008
Venue: Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University Cafeteria
Admission: Free
*Hand-made cards on sale at exhibition

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