1. Extracurricular Activities
  2. Event & Project Support A・B・C
  3. Type A: Autonomous Events

Points to remember when carrying out activities

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Points to remember when carrying out activities

1) Use of Facilities and Equipment

Please refer to the following information to use facilities and equipment.

In campus facilities/ Equipment

To reserve classrooms

Form Deadline
Form15 Application for classroom reservation(Excel) 4 working days prior to the activities

To use a storehouse/lockers(The designated date)

Form Deadline
Form24 Application to Use Storehouse/Lockers(Word) By the designated date

To make a booth in the cafeteria(From the previous week-day of use)

Form Deadline
Form33 Application form for Use of the Cafeteria Exit Area(Word) From the previous week-day of Use

For use of the signboards in front of Student Union

Form Deadline
Form34 Application Form for Signboard(Word) From the previous week-day of use

For use of the triangular space in the cafeteria

Form Deadline
Form35 Application Form for Using Triangle Corner at the Cafeteria(Excel) From the previous week-day of use

For events in the Presentation Space (2F, Student UnionⅡ)

For use of the signboards next to Millennium Hall

Form Deadline
Form41 Application Form for setting up signboards nest to Millennium Hall(Word)
**Please read “Provisions for using the large signboard space next to Millennium Hall
From the previous weekday of use

For Domestic Off Campus Activities

Form Deadline
PODA1 Domestic Off Campus Activities Proposal (Excel) 6 weeks prior to the departure
PODA2 Domestic Off Campus Activities Schedule Sheet (Excel) 6 weeks prior to the departure

For Overseas Activities

Form Note Deadline
Preparing for the Club’s/Circle’s overseas activities (PDF) Read it carefully and submit
other documents on time.
Form Overseas 01 Overseas Activities Proposal   Friday, January 11
(You can submit the draft by this
date and submit the final version later.)
Form Overseas 02 List of Participants for the
Overseas Activity
Form Overseas 03 Overseas Activities Schedule Sheet Can be replaced with a free
format version
Guardian’s Consent Form Free format
Copy of Insurance Certificate  
Copy of Passport  

When your organization wants to do other PR activities or special activities, please consult with the Student Office staff member who is in charge of your project and obtain permission.

2) Changes to membership status

If changes to the status of memberships occur, please submit a Member List to the Student Office.


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