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Published in Local Newspaper! “President is a former professional player”: Soccer in Liberia

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One day I asked Bah, “Why is soccer is famous in Liberia?” He replied, “I think it’s because of one player’s influence. He’s the president now, though.” I was flabbergasted by this unexpected answer.

George Weah, president of the Republic of Liberia, was the only African player to win the FIFA World Player of the Year and is loved by many citizens of Liberia.

Soccer is the most influential and most popular sport in Liberia. My friend, Bah, a Liberian who loves soccer, also dreamed of becoming a soccer player and even played with a local team. He also often went to restaurants to watch live broadcasts of matches and at other times, he went to the stadium, enjoying the ups and downs of the game with other people. When I heard his story, it dawned on me that the urge to cheer on someone is universal.

Bah also likes Nadeshiko Japan (Japan’s women’s national soccer team) and was particularly impressed when they won the 2011 World Cup against a strong opponent. I was strangely happy to see someone from another country talk so passionately about my country’s team. Sports, which connect us to countries far from Japan, may be wonderful after all.

Mohamed T Bah (22)
College of Asia Pacific Studies 2nd year, Liberia

Published in the March 22, 2022 morning edition of Oita Godo Newspaper

Based on a comprehensive cooperation agreement with Oita Godo Newspaper, since January 2022, Student PR Assistants (SPA) have been contributing their interviews with international students to the life and culture section of the newspaper’s morning edition. SPA will introduce different cultures and the interesting topics they raise from an authentic, student perspective. These student writers take this opportunity to get the newspaper’s readership and students interested in the world as well as aim to improve their skills with the aid of professional editors.

Manari Shimamura
Manari Shimamura

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