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Dancing Together in South Africa “A Window to the World from APU”

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Even at the first meeting, people have fun dancing together

Jaftha hails from the Republic of South Africa, which has the largest economy in southern Africa, known for its breathtaking natural beauty. Located in the southern hemisphere, the seasons are opposite to Japan, but the climate is consistently pleasant, making it comfortable to live in both midsummer and midwinter. This climate is said to contribute to the friendly national character of the country, which is a multicultural nation with 11 official languages.

South Africa has a multitude of music used for dancing. Traditional dances are creatively adapted into a contemporary style, and currently, it's trendy for people of all ages, from youth to adults, to share dance videos on social networking sites (SNS). The attire is diverse, and regardless of language or ethnicity, everyone dances together.

Jaftha shared with a smile, "Dancing anytime, anywhere is one of the symbols of this country, a part of the culture." He actually showed me many dance videos, some featuring individuals who appeared to be of Asian descent, even a child of around five years old. It seems that more and more children are learning to dance in recent years.

What left the most lasting impression is the story that dance parties are held all over the city on holidays, Christmas, New Year's, and more. When the music plays, strangers meet for the first time, dance together, and enjoy a delightful time. Jaftha mentioned that he had participated many times and was always dancing. The idea that people of all ages come together to enjoy such moments is wonderful. If I have the opportunity, I would like to join as well.

Jaftha sits by the massive rocks known as the "Three Sisters" in the Blyde River Canyon. South Africa's captivating natural beauty is one of its charms.

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(Published in the morning edition of the Oita Godo Shimbun on October 18, 2023)

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