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Pursuing the ANDO Momofuku Honor Prize

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I am deeply honored to have received the ANDO Momofuku Honor Prize for the Fall Semester of 2023. I am Kodai Doi, a fourth-year student in the College of Asia Pacific Studies.

What is the Momofuku Ando Honor Prize and Award?
The ANDO Momofuku Honor Prize and Award were established through a generous endowment by the late Dr. ANDO Momofuku, founder of NISSIN FOODS HOLDINGS CO., LTD. and the recipient of an honorary doctorate from Ritsumeikan University. This prize is intended to support and encourage students who are expected to go on to become leaders in the Asia Pacific region.
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I am filled with gratitude towards my parents, faculty and staff members, and friends who have supported me throughout my endeavors. I have also been given the opportunity to deliver the undergraduate student representative speech at the graduation ceremony in March. At the ceremony, I aim to eloquently convey my four years of learning at APU.

Why did I apply?

There were two main reasons why I applied for this prestigious award.

Firstly, I wanted to convey to students that they can achieve anything if they wholeheartedly pursue their goals. Before enrolling, I couldn't speak a word of English and felt frustrated about not being able to communicate with international students. However, I set a goal to engage in deep conversations with international students in English and dedicated myself to daily visits to the Self-Access Learning Center (SALC) for language self-study and actively participated in online English programs.

At the Self-Access Learning Center "SALC"

By creating an environment where I immersed myself in English, I became more comfortable speaking the language. In my third year, I even experienced studying abroad in Austria and upon returning, engaged in activities such as serving as a Resident Assistant (RA) at AP House 4, where English was constantly used. I also interviewed international students in English and wrote columns for the newspaper. Through various challenges, I believe I have achieved my goals.

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With fellow Resident Assistants "RA"

Secondly, because there is a presentation that comes with the selection process, I wanted to seize the opportunity to raise awareness about a student organization I founded called "MUSUBU." I aimed to restore the connections among students that diminished due to the pandemic by organizing exchange events such as international exchanges and beach clean-ups. Leveraging APU's international environment, I created opportunities for students from different years, nationalities, and both inside and outside the campus to connect. I believe that international exchange fosters connections with diverse individuals, elevates mutual goals and dreams, and enhances experiences. Participants from 40 countries and regions have joined our activities since we started. Since last fall, we have also been working on activities that enable interactions between APU students and children and adults in the Beppu community. Please feel free to join "MUSUBU" if you are interested!

Instagram: Musubu_apu

With members of “MUSUBU 結”

For a fulfilling student life

One of the most important components of my four years at APU, where I had many things I wanted to do but limited time, was the PDCA cycle.
You may be familiar with this term. P stands for Plan, D for Do, C for Check, and A for Action—a cycle of four steps. First, I believe it is important to set goals. While it's not necessary to have clear goals, constantly confirming what you are pursuing as your purpose or goal is essential. Next is to put the planned goals into action. Personally, I find that the execution (Do) is the most challenging part. As there are many friends at APU who can support each other, I was able to take action by striving together with my friends. Then, I reflected on the experiences gained through the execution and contemplated how to apply them to the next steps.

How to apply for the ANDO Momofuku Honor Prize and Award

I hope that everyone will consider this scholarship as a goal to strive for after achieving what they want to do. The first screening involves document screening, followed by guidance, and the preparation of presentation videos and Q&A sessions at public interviews for the second screening. Both stages required considerable preparation. I believe it is important to check the application details promptly and prepare early.

In conclusion

At APU, I believe there is a conducive environment for implementing the PDCA cycle through academic studies and extracurricular activities. Leveraging the APU environment to the fullest, I have been able to enhance my English skills and create international exchange activities. Even after graduation, I hope to continue my activities using this scholarship.

I encourage everyone to utilize the PDCA cycle to lead a fulfilling student life and aim for the ANDO Momofuku Honor Prize before graduation!!

Kodai Doi
Kodai Doi

Nice to meet you! I'm Kodai Doi, Beppu Onsen Master and a 4th year APS student.
As a YouTuber, I am currently sending out new content about international exchange, travel, studying abroad, etc. at APU! Through my SPA activities, I hope to provide useful information for APU students, as well as for many people outside of APU, including high school students and their parents, to read!

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