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[Open Campus: A Window into College Life at APU]

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Two years ago, I first learned about APU through online post promotions, webinars, and APU’s representative office coffee talks. As an international student, those were the best platforms and channels with which I could better understand this university. However, there is an easier way for domestic/Japanese students – “The Open Campus.”

A gift from “The Dream Makers”

“The Open Campus”, hosted biannually in July and November by GASS members (Global Admission Student Staff), is an event where Japanese high schoolers can attend the APU Campus in Beppu, Oita. Through this event, GASS members will warmly welcome the high school students, spread the charms of this university, and bring about a friendly and comfortable atmosphere for them to fully immerse themselves in exploring APU.

What will you experience in the Open Campus?

Embracing the 2024 July Open Campus (OC) theme “Dive Into APU!,” Sachie-san, a member of GASS General Affairs, and also one of the upcoming OC's core organizers, hints about this event's uniqueness and hidden charms to future participants.

She highlights that many interactive activities will be hosted in the newest building at APU – the Green Commons, during the 2024 July OC (7/13-14). These activities include:

  1. The Opening Performance: Performance about APU/ AP House life in a comedic way (2 sessions: morning and lunchtime)
  2. The Free Project: Cultural exchange opportunities – India, Korea, and Nepal booths for students to experience the culture in these countries.
  3. Campus and AP House tours: Tours to learn about different buildings at APU (available four times each day)
  4. Individual Consultation Booth: For further questions about enrollment, tuition fees, scholarships, etc.
  5. Chat APU!: A chance to openly chat with GASS members about their expectations, concerns, and experience in the OC.
  6. Stamp Rally Challenge: Students will guess the meaning of words in the 6 languages taught at APU (Korean, Chinese, Indonesian, etc.) to collect the stamps and get a prize from GASS members.
  7. Sharing sessions from APU-ers: From topics such as student life, circles, and exchange programs.
  8. Sample lectures: By faculties in APM (International Management), APS (Asia Pacific Studies), and ST (Sustainability and Tourism).

Karunagoda Natharie Sachie (5th semester, APS)

Besides being able to join these engaging activities, students will also be welcomed warmly by the GASS members’ smiles and hospitality. GASS’s guidance and support will help visitors’ experience at the OCs more enjoyable.

From OC participant to current APU student

Ayami Yanai (1st semester, ST) – first row, second to the right

Ayami Yanai, a first-year ST student and a Free Project Department member in GASS, is a perfect example. Ayami knew nothing about APU at first, except for its name. Thanks to her high school teacher, she was introduced to the 2023 July Open Campus, in which she joined with her mother. Ayami noted that she could still remember the smiles and kindness from the Campus Tour Department members. From the detailed consultation on that day, she chose APU for her next four years and became the 25th generation of high schoolers’ “dream makers” at this university.

What awaits you at APU?

This year, apart from two main OCs in July and November, GASS will also host many Campus Visit Days, which are smaller-scaled events with similar projects within. Through these events, high school students can get a grasp of what life at APU is like.

  • ●Open Campus
    July 13th-14th
    November 3rd
  • ●Campus Visit
    August 3rd-4th
    September 22nd
    December 22nd

Please refer to GASS’s official Instagram page for details about upcoming projects, and keep yourself up-to-date about our future events. Both GASS and the APU Domestic Admission Office will do their best to guarantee you a wonderful experience during our events, so do not hesitate to start your registration at MyPage APU.

NGUYEN Tran Dan Thanh
NGUYEN Tran Dan Thanh

Hi guys! I'm Thanh (or Trish), a second-semester APS student from Vietnam. My love for Vietnamese poems and literature gave rise to my current passion for writing. Hope that through my articles, I can share with everyone the charms of APU and informative aspects of our university lives. Feel free to contact me, for both a chat and a cup of macchiato!

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