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New to APU: What to bring when you move into AP House

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With spring just around the corner, APU will be welcoming a new batch of students very soon! SPA is launching this new series called “New to APU,” in which we help provide useful information upon APU first years’ arrival to university life. In addition to the frenzy of excitement of becoming an APU student, many incoming freshmen experience plenty of nervousness – and understandably so. Living away from home for the first time ever is challenging. SPA believes that the more prepared you are, the less stress you’ll feel during the move-in process, which is why we’ve prepared this list of what to bring to AP House on your move-in day (together with the basics). For those of you who don’t know yet, AP House is on-campus housing provided by APU for students in their first year. And without further ado, let’s take a look!

1. Bath and beauty products: Toiletries, slippers, and maybe hair dryers

These are the products that will be extremely essential. In AP House, the shower room is communal for both room types, however toiletries are not provided. Therefore, we suggest having a travel set of toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, skincare, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, etc.) and a small towel to avoid any trouble showering on your first day after arrival. Also, instead of having your shoes on all the time, which can sometimes be a bit inconvenient and uncomfortable, slippers or flip flops are a great replacement if you want to go around AP House or from your room to communal areas such as the kitchen or shower room.
A hair dryer is optional but highly recommended to properly blow dry your hair after a shower, especially for those with long hair. No one wants uncomfortable sleep with wet hair, right?

2. Food and snacks: instant food and cutlery set

Don’t spend your first night in university housing with a growling stomach! After a long trip to reach AP House, especially in the case you arrive late and have no time for grocery shopping, having something on hand will be greatly convenient to recharge your energy. AP House provides some of these, but we recommend bringing your favorite instant food or something that can be easily made using a microwave like Cup Noodles or instant rice, along with cutlery (spoons, chopsticks, forks, etc.) and some snacks for after supper or just to share with new floormates!

Cup Noodles will come in handy when you first move to AP House! (Photo: 立命館生活協同組合(APU))

3. Electronics and equipment: Adapters and extension cords

If this is your first time in Japan, it is worth keeping in mind that Japan uses flat blade plugs and sockets, and domestic voltage in Japan is 100V. Therefore, if your electronic appliances are not with flat blade plugs, we recommend that you bring along an adapter to ensure you can use your personal electrical appliances safely. In addition, an extension cord will be a great help with providing power for devices with cables that can’t reach any nearby electrical outlets.

4. COVID-19 edition: masks, hand sanitizer, and thermometers

In addition to the basics, your packing list will definitely need some additions due to COVID-19. Disposable masks must be added as a matter of course if you prefer to use them. Cloth masks, thermometers, and hand sanitizer will be distributed by AP House.

Masks are a must in a stay-safe packing list! (Photo: 立命館生活協同組合(APU)

AP House Moving-in information (March, 2021)

This was SPA’s take on what to bring on your AP House move-in day. On a side note, in AP House, there are vending machines and House Co-op (like a mini-mart) providing some necessities you may find helpful. Stay tuned for our next article following this “New to APU” series!

Ha Phan Ngoc DOAN
Ha Phan Ngoc DOAN

Hi! I’m Ha, class of 2021FA, majoring in IRPS (International Relations and Peace Studies). On campus, I was a Resident Assistant, Teaching Assistant, APU Student Ambassador and Student Staff at APU Library. I can’t wait to share with you all my experience as a SPA member!

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