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New to APU: APU on YouTube

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College vlogging, which is intended to show daily campus life exactly as it is, has been a popular section of the Internet, helping interested prospective students and/or current students engage with the university community. Today, SPA proudly presents some of the popular Youtubers who are current APU students (as of April 2021) and who are passionate about creating content centered around the college experience. They give viewers a clear idea of APU student life.

1. Annie Hoang

Annie began making Japanese language study related videos nearly 2 years ago. As her channel grew, Annie continued creating a wider breadth of content in English, including university life tips, advice, and sharing her experience.
Annie’s Ando Momofuku speech and final presentation is uploaded on her channel!

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Travel in Japan

2. Oita Midtown

Oita Midtown is the product of a group of APU students who come from different countries (Japan, Canada, China, Malaysia, Sri Lanka), and are devoted to sharing their journeys of discovering the great charms of Oita Prefecture – where APU is located. If you are looking for off-campus cultural experience, especially unique food and scenery that can only be found in Oita Prefecture, this channel is definitely something you do not want to miss!
Let’s get to know the Oita Midtown team!

3. filmed by maiko

Maiko’s YouTube channel chronicles her university life as an APU student, how to spend breaks travelling, and more. Especially, as a Japanese RA “veteran,” the information she shares will absolutely bring you a great perspective of what to expect during life in AP House.

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We hope this article gives you a glimpse of what to expect during university life as an APU student. Stay tuned for our next article following this New to APU series!

Ha Phan Ngoc DOAN
Ha Phan Ngoc DOAN

Hi! I’m Ha, class of 2021FA, majoring in IRPS (International Relations and Peace Studies). On campus, I was a Resident Assistant, Teaching Assistant, APU Student Ambassador and Student Staff at APU Library. I can’t wait to share with you all my experience as a SPA member!

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