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Things to do during BREAK-S in APU

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Has anyone been bothered about what to do once the vacation comes? I’m definitely one of them since the pandemic prevented me from either doing or traveling to any of my planned-lists . However, I’ve found some ways out and want to share them through this article.

1. Let’s travel or go camping in places that are near Beppu!

I think many APU students would spend our time during vacation doing baitos and earn money in this period. However, how about spending some time relaxing and enjoying the nature? Here are some destinations that I personally recommend!

Lake Shidaka (志高湖)

It is located right to the southwest of the city area of Beppu City so it’s very easy to get here. At lake Shidaka, people usually walk around to enjoy the beautiful nature full of cherry blossoms and autumn leaves if it’s the right season. Especially, you can also enjoy camping, barbecuing and especially enjoy camping, barbecuing and boating at the campsite set by the lake.

Address: Oita Prefecture Beppu City Shitaka 4380-1
Hours: 8:30 - 17:00 (Rest House)
From the West Exit of Beppu Station, take the No. 36 bus bound for Yufuin or Shiko Lakeside, and get off at Shiko Lakeside (41 minutes).

Harajiri Fall (原尻の滝)

This famous waterfall in Oita Prefecture is actually called the “Niagara Falls of Japan”. Formed by the great eruption of Mt. Aso 90,000 years ago, the falls were around 20 meters high and 120 meters wide. The surrounding flatlands make the falls more impressive, as they seem to appear out of nowhere.

Address: 936-1, Ogatamachi Harajiri, Bungoono-shi, Oita

Kuju Flower Park (くじゅう花公園)

Kuju Flower Park is located about ten kilometers off the Yamanami Highway which leads through the Kuju Mountains. It is a very large, attractive park with about more than 500 different varieties and plants, creating colorful carpets of flowers across the hills, in every season except for winter. Moreover,visitors can pick blueberries during summer while in autumn, they can enjoy the flower festival, with fields of cosmos and flame-hued celosia.
Especially, when visiting here, you can bring food along with you to eat in the gardens, or you can also try the services there such as restaurants or cafes, etc. throughout the park!

Address: 4050 Kujumachi Oaza Kuju, Taketa-shi, Oita
Hour: 8:30 to 17:30 (entry until 17:00)
*Please check the website for the latest opening hours. http://www.hanakoen.com/
*Please be careful that this place is closed during December to February

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The program, "APUxOita," which introduces the attractions of Oita Prefecture from the perspective of APU international students, is produced in cooperation with NHK Oita Broadcasting Station, J:COM Oita Cable Telecom Co.

APU New Normal

Recommended Hiji Town, next to Beppu City.

2. Gaining new experiences through INTERNSHIP!

This is such an ideal period to take advantage of your spare time and learn new skills that would help you in the future, especially in job hunting. And if you wonder how to find an internship, here are some suggestions:
(By the way, before deciding to find any internships, please make sure you have got your CV/ resume first! )

  • Linkedin: Linkedin is a social media account that potential employers would use when they want to search for employees. Therefore, try your best to make your profile look attractive. After that, you can either search for jobs using keywords or just directly visit your favourite company page and see if they are recruiting for any positions.
    There are many other interesting functions so just spend your time and you’ll know how to make full use of it!
  • Job hunting websites: such as CFN, Rikunabi, Mynavi,.. Sign up, search and start applying!
  • Last but not least, mainting a good relationship with senpais or alumni is actually very helpful since you will not only receive precious advice from them but also information and chances about work opportunities!

All in all, I hope these information would help you spend your time off more meaningfully. No matter what you do, I really wish all of your vacations will be as wonderful as possible!

Thu Anh DO
Thu Anh DO

Hi guys! I’m Thu from Vietnam. Now I’m a fourth year student majoring in marketing. My hobbies are talking with people, watching Kdramas, and eating! Besides that, I’m also interested in advertising and design, so I’m trying to learn more about these subjects. ^^
Nice to meet you all !

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