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Bag That Internship (Part 1): Aim for the contract-type Internships for Career Experience and Credits!

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Are you a self-motivated APUer looking for an exciting and rewarding vacation internship? Look no further! APU offers a wealth of resources and support to help you find and secure the perfect internship for your interests and career goals. In this beginner's guide, we will take you through the steps of how to get accepted for an internship using APU's resources, with the first-hand experience of your fellow APU students.

Meet Nha Uyen! A third-year student at the College of Asia Pacific Management (APM) who completed an onsite internship with Sysmex Corporation.
Introducing Hena! A fouth-year student at the College of Asia Pacific Studies (APS) who just came back from an onsite internship with Roygent Parks in Hanoi - DT Development Vietnam LLC.

Step 1: Determine your interests and career goals

Before you begin your search for an internship, it's essential to know your interests and career goals. This will help you narrow down your search and focus on internships that align with your aspirations. Take some time to reflect on what you enjoy doing, what skills you have, and what kind of career you would like to pursue.

Hena: As my major is Hospitality and Tourism, I have been looking for a chance to apply the knowledge I have acquired in class into real-life situations. However, finding a Japanese hotel that offers an internship for only one to two month is quite hard in Japan. That is why I started to consider other opportunities for experience. I was then looking for an internship where I can enhance my creativity, my language skills, and soft skills, while learning the professionality of Japanese “Shakaijin.”

Step 2: Research internship opportunities

APU offers a wide range of resources and tools to help you find internship opportunities. One great resource is the APU Career Office, which provides students with information on internship and job opportunities, resume and cover letter writing tips, and interview preparation.

See more about internship:
APU Career office Internship guide "About Internships

Contract-type Internships:
Definitely check the Host Institution List on their website, updated every May and November.
Internship Guide “Contract-type Internships”

Hena: The APU Career Office is undoubtedly an amazing source to look for an internship. I have found many opportunities for internship regarding my interest, both within Japan and abroad. But remember to take note of the deadline for application, as well as the requirements for Japanese and English proficiency. I couldn’t believe I found the internship I have been looking for in a long time, which was Roygent Parks in Hanoi - DT Development Vietnam LLC.

Hena during her internship with Roygent Parks Hanoi

Step 3: Prepare your Application Form and Entry Sheet

Once you have identified an internship opportunity, it's time to prepare your Entry Sheet! Contract-type internship applications will go through evaluation of the Career Office. It is highly recommended to utilize their self-produced guidance materials and events. While formats of the documents to be submitted is available right on the “Contract-type Internships” site, find the “WEB Library” page to see handouts and video recordings of every guidance/workshop/event/seminar. For example, our Career Office offers workshops and resources to help you create a compelling entry sheet. Check the recordings of the workshops if you cannot attend directly, read the Career Handbook and Internship Handbook carefully, then contact the Career Office for individual consultation to best prepare yourself and your writings.

Hena: Making an excellent Entry Sheet (ES) is an important step to apply for the internship. Be honest about your aims and your expectations when writing it! The institution will look at your answers in the ES to put you in the right department for your internship, so make sure that you can state what you would like to experience, and what you can contribute to the company. The Career Office will also provide guidance for everyone, but only you can make your application stand out from others!

Nha Uyen: I definitely checked out various sources while working on the ES. However, there are two main sources that I want to mention. The first one was the APU Career Handbook. Personally, I think the tips provided are all written in a very concise way, and thus, easy to understand. The second source I used was JPort. As I got the chance to serve as the JPort Ambassador in my second year, I got to know more about the available resources and materials. Besides articles, JPort offers many other useful activities related to Shukatsu that I highly recommend.

Step 4: Apply for the internship

After you have prepared your application materials, it's time to submit your application. Make sure to follow the application instructions carefully and submit your application (all 4 documents required!) before the deadline. If you have any questions about the application process, don't hesitate to reach out to the APU Career Office for guidance.

Step 5: Prepare for the interview

If your application is successful, you will be invited for an interview with the Career Office. Make sure to research the organization and the role beforehand and prepare thoughtful questions to ask during the interview. You can always rely on the Career Office themselves for a mock interview beforehand. That way, you will much less nervous and more prepared when it actually comes to the real one (with the same interviewer!).

Hena: The interview that I went through was online. Therefore, not only did I have to prepare the knowledge about the company, but also to find a quiet and formal place for the best performance. Moreover, I believe being confident and clear about your answers is also crucial, so you should also revise what you have written in your Entry Sheet as well. Just be yourself, stay in a good mood, and you will be OK.

Nha Uyen: Firstly, I reviewed the application form that I submitted, came up with possible questions regarding the topics I wrote in the application, prepared the answers, and finally practiced. For the answers, I tried to keep them concise but made sure to place enough emphasis on important points. On the day of the interview, I think it is important to keep yourself formal. Although I had the interview online, I tried to put on a suit to set my mood. During the interview, I think it's best to be honest and open as it may help you to appear more confident.

Nha Uyen during her internship with Sysmex

Step 6: Secure the internship

After a successful interview, you will be offered the internship from the Career Office. Congratulations! However, for some positions you are required to have another interview with the host company. Just do the exact thing you did last round, better if possible. Make sure to confirm your acceptance of the internship and ask any questions you may have about the role and your responsibilities.

Hena: This is where you have to sell yourself even more. The company will directly send you an email, so make sure you reply to them early and in a formal way. If this is the first time you are meeting the company, remember to make a good impression! A bright greeting, formal clothing, nice and quiet background, etc. may be a plus. But focus on the questions they ask you. Try to answer in alignment with the objectives of the company, but also don’t forget to express your expectations and your interest for the internship as well!

Nha Uyen: After passing the interview, we may have to contact the company directly, not via the Career Office anymore. So, I recommend checking your emails regularly, responding to emails early, and asking any questions if you need to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings. Last but not least, try to follow important email etiquette rules.

Nha Uyen and her fellow interns joined a Gohankai with their supervisor from Sysmex.

In conclusion, APU offers a wealth of resources and support to help you find and secure the perfect vacation internship. By following these steps, you can increase your chances of finding an internship that aligns with your interests and career goals. Remember to stay positive, be persistent, and make the most of the resources available to you. Good luck!

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