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New to APU:Best Places to Study on Campus

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Your parents might say you can study anywhere, but let’s be real – there are some places that are just better than others. After countless hours of studying on campus, SPA has cultivated a list of best study spots in APU. Anyone who wants the best grades, this list is for you!

COVID-19 Updates: Check out measures implemented by APU to prevent the spread of Novel Coronavirus regarding campus entry and use of facilities here!

If you want to study with food…

Pacific Café

Pacific Café in E building 1F is a great place to take a break between classes and bogart a table, especially if you are the type who prefers to study with friends and a little background noise. From this semester (2021SP), APU open space Wi-fi is available, perfect for some final touches on a presentation. It quiets down even more in the off-hours and becomes a great place to write the first draft of a paper or catch up on internship work. Besides, you can’t go wrong with snacks and hot drinks.

Some of the best-sellers are Naan pizza, parfait and soft ice cream!
As of April 2021, the Pacific Cafe does not plan to serve drinks or snacks during the 2021 spring semester.


Despite the crowdedness during meal times (after 2nd and 5th period), believe it or not, the cafeteria has some quiet pockets, especially during classes. Grab a table and some food, and you have got a great place to review notes before quizzes.

Cozy and spacious, our cafeteria has tons of tables and comfortable chairs available for any group (Source: APU Website)

If you want the place everyone agrees is the best…

APU Library

APU Library has it all. The first floor has both group and individual study areas. For group study, PANGEA 1 and 2 are perfect for collaborative study in groups with discussion, along with whiteboards on wheels. In addition, there are Presentation Rooms/Group Study Rooms (required prior reservation via library homepage), each with a computer, monitor, projector, huge whiteboard and DVD player if you need a more focused environment for group research. Multimedia rooms with computers, scanners, photocopy machines and other study pods are also available, which is totally awesome. You will also find library services and tutoring (Writing Center, AMC, FIX) on the first floor as well. Vending machines are available if you need a quick refreshment, as drinks in bottles are allowed in designated areas here.
The second floor is a silent floor – don’t bother with your phone or a study group, since this floor has rules. It’s a great place for when you need absolute quiet to concentrate.

There are individual and group seat settings in PANGEA 4. Being able to see nature in all its glory through big windows can give anyone the flowing inspiration needed to finish assignments!

PANGEA 5’s single-human study pods (a seat, a light and a desk) are for individual study, so you can get your work done without external distractions

There are tables and seats near all bookshelves, convenient for book searching

If you want to find some “secret” underrated study spots…

EII Building 2F

Located on the second floor of EII Building, there is an open space for student meetings which is often an unknown study spot on campus. The comfortable chairs, meeting table and generally low-key atmosphere are exactly what you would expect when there’s no special events happening on this floor.

I Building (bus shelter)

A new name which is recently added to our list is Jumojibaru lounge. It is located in our brand-new bus shelter with an interior that gives most people a warmly welcoming vibe that is perfect for a quick look through class materials while waiting for buses. Alternatively, there is also a convenience store nearby for study breaks if you are not in a deep study mood.

A sneak peek at Jumonjibaru Lounge

Here are SPA’s take on the best places to study on campus. But we believe that there is a secret study spot in every building, or even outdoor under a tree, or on the lawn, so we hope this will inspire you to get brave and explore our APU. You may find a quiet nook, or some benches that make you feel amazed with what APU has to offer.

Ha Phan Ngoc DOAN
Ha Phan Ngoc DOAN

Hi! I’m Ha, class of 2021FA, majoring in IRPS (International Relations and Peace Studies). On campus, I was a Resident Assistant, Teaching Assistant, APU Student Ambassador and Student Staff at APU Library. I can’t wait to share with you all my experience as a SPA member!

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