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College Transfer: A new journey

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There is no disputing the fact that it always takes a lot of effort to reroute your path. Nevertheless, if that is what it takes to follow your passion, knowing great things coming ahead, then why not give it a thorough thought? For this article, we had an interesting talk with Phuong (Celine) about her transfer from APS to APM. Her message to readers? “As long as I’m chasing what I love and working hard, everything else will fall into place!”

Name: Bao Phuong (Celine) ‘22
Country: Vietnam
College: Asia Pacific Management, Marketing
Semester: 3rd year 2nd semester

SPA had an interesting talk with Celine about her college transfer from APS to APM

"Transfer within the University" is a system whereby an APU student,scheduled to proceed to the 2nd or 3rd year level, transfers from the College in which they are currently studying to another College within the University. As a general rule, transfer from a college is only available when there are openings in the other College.(Academic office website)

1. When did you start considering transferring colleges? Why did you switch? What led up to your decision-making process?

I first thought about it in my 2nd semester, when me and my friend talked about what we want and can do after graduation with what we were learning at that moment. I remember freaking out, realizing others started forming a clearer career path while me and my friends had not. However, I was afraid I might struggle as I had no specific interest in economics or finance, so I decided to stay in APS still. I then spent more time thinking about my future career until I concluded that I would work in marketing after graduation. In my 2nd year 2nd semester, when I saw an announcement on Campus Terminal mentioning the process and how this would be my final chance to consider changing, I spent the next 2 weeks consulting with my family and friends, particularly seniors with similar experiences. I knew this was my only chance to choose something more aligned with my career prospects. There was no turning back.

2. Can you share about the switching process? How did you do your research? What documents did you have to prepare?

After deciding to switch, I immediately researched on the Academic Office website and contacted the officer in charge for consultation. In my opinion, collecting the documents was quite smooth thanks to clear instructions on the Academic Office website as well as kind support from their staff. I had to write a few essays about my motivation and then had an interview with the Academic Office panel. The whole application process took around 1 month; however, the 2 to 3 months waiting for the result was more stressful for me. But I genuinely had a positive experience overall.

The result arrived just a few days before the new semester, which resulted in me rushing to change my class schedule. Unlike others who planned ahead for their transfer by adding APM courses to schedule while still in APS, I started from scratch. Along with auto-registered courses, I enrolled in those recommended-but-not-mandatory courses, such as Statistics, Accounting I, Fundamental Math, etc., all at once, hoping I could catch up with the same batch of APM friends.

3. How did you feel right after switching? Fresh? Excited? Anxious?

I think I was more on the excited side, especially seeing things were not as difficult as I thought. And at the same time, I felt very rewarded getting exposed to interesting knowledge that was way beyond my expectations. However, there were a few times when I thought “What if I can’t graduate in time? What if I have to extend my study even after 4th year 2nd semester?” and so forth. It was the excitement of learning something new which I knew would align with what I wanted to pursue in the future that kept me going. Plus, the confidence in course and groupwork through class experience in APS made me look forward to what APM has to offer!

4. Were there any moments of uncertainty, or even regret?

None, actually. Instead, I felt very certain thinking about my future career. With that being said, I do acknowledge that what I am learning in university is just a very good foundation for me to build on once I enter a real working environment. Therefore, apart from university classes, I spend extra time and effort to gain more hands-on experience through internships or just broaden my knowledge through online courses. I genuinely feel like this was the right decision. I should have done it earlier!

5. What are some transferable skills from your time in APS? Or, what makes you unique now that you have experience being in both colleges?

I believe the most valuable skill is definitely research, especially in terms of reading thanks to a huge number of weekly readings from major courses in APS. Actually, I started off not very confident with my English and did struggle at the beginning. However, after 2 years in APU majoring in APS, I am now totally comfortable reading academic journals with 40 to 50 pages per sitting. Compared to APS, there’s relatively less reading required in APM classes, yet textbooks are still valuable and mandatory sources. So, comprehensive reading skills really help me quickly gasp and summarize class content. Also, groupwork with friendly and open-minded groupmates in APS certainly alleviated my fear of making mistakes and built my confidence to speak my opinion during lectures and discussions.

Groupwork with friendly and open-minded groupmates in APS certainly alleviated my fear of making mistakes
and built my confidence to speak my opinion during lectures and discussion

6. What did you do to keep up with the workload now that almost everything was different?

Obviously, time management is crucial. Like I mentioned a bit before, I was not only enrolled in mandatory courses registered by APU, but also in Statistics, Accounting I and Fundamental Math. This combo just meant a ton of assignments every week. What I did was divide all the workload into a daily plan. I also reached out to friends taking the same class to make study groups, in which we would sit together (virtually, of course), discuss, and work on assignments.

7. Any advice for students who are considering college transfer?

Sure! To anyone who is considering, do research and don’t hesitate to talk to people to clear your confusion since it’s always beneficial to get to know the process. Do take time to think about it thoroughly, such as what courses you have to and want to take, which professors you want to learn from, and so on. This will certainly make you feel more prepared.

I have to say the college transfer process itself is easy, at least compared to what comes after. My advice would be trying your best to catch up with classes, but at the same time, don’t put too much pressure on yourself. I have friends who did transferred and managed to push themselves into finishing all required credits by 4th year 1st semester. I personally believe each person has their own pace! So, don’t drown yourself with peer pressure since we are all different!

Thank you very much for your time! We wish you the best with your exciting journey ahead!

*This system is subject to change, so please check the relevant information for the year you wish to transfer.

Ha Phan Ngoc DOAN
Ha Phan Ngoc DOAN

Hi! I’m Ha, class of 2021FA, majoring in IRPS (International Relations and Peace Studies). On campus, I was a Resident Assistant, Teaching Assistant, APU Student Ambassador and Student Staff at APU Library. I can’t wait to share with you all my experience as a SPA member!

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