Undergraduate/Graduate School

SALC (Self-Access Learning Center)

Located on the ground floor of Building F, the Self Access Learning Center (SALC) was established to help students to continue developing their language skills outside the classroom.

SALC offers a range of language support options for students studying English or Japanese. English-basis "Pair Advisors" (PA) are available to provide language learning support to students looking to raise their English speaking and writing skills. Japanese speaking PA are also available for language learning support and Japanese conversation practice.

A wide range of reading materials including books and proficiency exam handbooks are available in English and Japanese to meet the needs of learners, from beginner to advanced levels. In addition to English and Japanese, a range of books and learning materials are also available in any of the six Asia-Pacific (AP) languages currently available at APU: Chinese, Korean, Malay/Indonesian, Spanish, Thai and Vietnamese.

A range of TOEFL grammar study groups are arranged for students at different proficiency levels in addition to exchange and language learning activities to help international and domestic students interact and improve each other's language skills. A "language-partner" system is also available for students looking to teach their native language and learn another.

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