Undergraduate/Graduate School

English Language Education


The English language program at APU provides a wide selection of courses to cultivate the language skills, intercultural knowledge, and lifelong autonomous learning abilities that students need to realize the mission of the Center for Language Education and the APU 2030 vision.


The English language program is organized into a core (mandatory) program, supported by pre-enrollment and language support services, that prepares students for advanced language study in elective courses, overseas programs, and English-medium lectures, as summarized below.

Pre-enrollment English Courses
Core / Mandatory English Courses

[Communication & Academic Skills]

  • Standard Track
    4 levels / 24 credits
  • Advanced Track
    2 levels / 12 credits
Language Support

Self-Access Learning Center

Writing Center

Elective English Courses
Overseas Programs in English
Major Subject Lectures in English

Core and Elective Programs

The core language program serves the needs of Japanese-basis students. At enrollment, Japanese-basis students take a placement test and are registered in the appropriate English level in the core English program and complete courses in each level until they finish their English credits. The elective English program provides a wide range of courses to support Japanese-basis and English-basis students who wish to polish their English skills for academic or professional purposes.

Dedicated Teachers and Learning Support

The APU English program has a large team of well-trained and highly motivated language teachers who are dedicated to supporting our students with their English studies. Students work intensively with their teachers, classmates, and peers to build their English skills step by step. English classes are intensive, interactive, and highly stimulating.

Prepare for an unforgettable English learning experience at APU!