Undergraduate/Graduate School

Foundations for Global Leadership

The course provides an in-depth exploration of contemporary theories and cutting-edge research on global leadership. It aims to enhance participants' comprehension of the essential skills and competencies required for effective leadership, as well as delve into the intricate dynamics of leadership development and the profound impact of culture on leadership practices.

Through this course, participants will examine diverse leadership styles that leverage the values, emotions, cultural backgrounds, and individual personalities of individuals. By engaging in experiential learning, and through several joint classes with both Japanese- and English-basis students, participants will gain practical insights and strategies to address challenging situations, fostering personal growth and honing their leadership abilities.

Class structure

Discuss the knowledge acquired in the lecture within groups.

① Lecture

② Group discussion

③ Session Implementation

① Lecture to know the contemporary theories and research on global leadership
② Split into 6 person groups to discuss and put into practice the knowledge and skills learned in the lectures (Japanese and English separately. )
③ A few students both from the Japanese-basis and the English-basis create a group to implement a learning session (i.e., origami, yoga, etc.) for their peers.

Experience and acquire an active learning style

Students will read the assigned reading in advance, prepare a report of the reading, and discuss it with the group in the following week's class.

All participants act as facilitators. After each class, there will be a reflection session.

Group management is conducted by each group member with a facilitator assigned each time. Each group summarizes the contents and findings of the discussion and shares them with the class as a whole. At the end of the class, a review is held and comments from the TAs and feedback from the faculty are given.

Gain leadership skills through the experience of planning sessions in multicultural collaboration.

A few students both from the Japanese-basis and the English-basis create a group to acquire leadership through collaboration with others and cross-cultural clash.

Proficiency goal

To be able to understand the fundamentals of the knowledge, attitudes, and competencies necessary to exercise leadership that brings people together autonomously and proactively to tackle difficult problems in a global world.

Through the literature, participants will be able to understand various leadership perspectives and demonstrate leadership styles that are adaptive to the situation in which they find themselves.

Sharpen critical relationship-building communication skills such as how to give feedback, emotional intelligence, and practice basic skills to help teams transform for the better.

By planning and implementing a learning session with the students from various linguistic and cultural backgrounds, the students will enhance the competences for proactive coordination and acquire leadership skills. The students will also clarify the leadership they aim for by producing a final report based on the session experience.