Undergraduate/Graduate School

1st Year Seminars

APU offers a range of 1st Year Seminars for freshmen to develop the knowledge, study methods, and skills they need to enjoy a successful learning experience at APU.

Student Success Workshop

The Student Success Workshop aims to help new students develop academic skills as well as the skills and mindset to learn independently, autonomously, and collaboratively in order to succeed in their academic and social experiences at the university.

Multicultural Cooperative Workshop

At APU, students of different cultures work alongside each other both inside and outside the classroom daily. To get the most out of this environment over their 4 years of study, all 1st year students must take Multicultural Cooperative Workshop and acquire proper communication and multicultural cooperative skills. This course is structured by lectures followed with group discussion sessions. After a lecture, students are divided into small diverse groups to practice the knowledge and skills for multicultural cooperation. Students actively learn communication skills to understand and cooperate with each other regardless of their cultural backgrounds or language.