Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University


Study Programs

1st Year Seminars

APU offers a range of 1st Year Seminars for freshmen to develop the knowledge, study methods, and skills they need to enjoy a successful learning experience at APU.

Study Skills and Academic Writing

This workshop is designed to boost students' motivation and problem awareness skills. In addition, the workshop also aims to nurture the study skills students need in order to get the most out of the APU learning style that values the development, experience and sharing of knowledge and focuses on problem solving and policy development.The workshop also offers students the opportunity to master, during their first year, the academic skills they need including how to review and quote the literature and write up a report.

Multicultural Cooperative Workshop

Utilizing the multicultural environment we have on campus, Multicultural Cooperative Workshop aims to provide opportunities for domestic and international students to interact and develop cross-cultural understanding skills through exchange and communication with fellow students of differing values systems and cultural backgrounds.