APM Learning Goals and Objectives/ Curriculum Alignment Matrices (CAM)

To students who intend to take APM courses:

Learning Goals and Learning Objectives

APM offers a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). The program is designed to achieve the four Learning Goals, each of which has its own specific Learning Objectives. These were developed in alignment with Declaration of the Occasion of the Opening of APU and the Mission of APM.

Learning Goals indicate the ideal characteristics that APM hopes students to have acquired by the time they complete their degrees. Learning Objectives further clarify more specific abilities students should acquire.

  1. 1. Understand "Business Ethics" theory
    1. Identify basic theories and principles of business ethics.
    2. Illustrate the significance of business ethics.
    3. Analyze ethical problems and propose a solution.
  2. 2. Obtain the "Fundamental Knowledge of Discipline"
    1. Demonstrate an understanding of basic business concepts.
    2. Demonstrate a satisfactory level of writing and presentation skills.
    3. Apply appropriate analytical tools (qualitative and/or quantitative) to examine business problems.
    4. To demonstrate problem solving skills.
  3. 3. Learn "Intercultural Communication Skills"
    1. Demonstrate understanding of the impact of culture on communication behaviors.
    2. Communicate effectively in a multicultural setting.
    3. Demonstrate competency in at least one second language.
  4. 4. Acquire "Global Perspectives" in business management
    1. Demonstrate understanding of the impact of globalization.
    2. Give examples of how business environments differ across countries.
    3. Recognize global issues in business management.

Curriculum Alignment Matrices (CAM)

APM utilizes Curriculum Alignment Matrices (CAM) to give an overview of the expectations for what students should learn in each subject within the APM program. The left-most row of the matrix indicates the given subjects. Enlisted in the upper columns of the matrix are the thirteen Learning Objectives and four Learning Goals they are aligned with.

When planning your course registration, please refer to the various CAM linked below to find out more about what you will learn in each subject.