Closing ceremony held for Global Competency Enhancement (GCEP) Program:


Feb 14, 2013

On Monday, February 4, 2013, a debriefing session and ceremony were held to mark the conclusion of a corporate training program for five SONY and Toho Titanium employees as part of the 2012 fall semester Global Competency Enhancement (GCEP) Program. During the ceremony, the trainees delivered presentations in English about their time at APU and celebrated their successful completion of the program with faculty members in charge of the program and APU students who studied with them.

GCEP is a corporate training program that utilizes the multilingual and multicultural APU campus environment where nearly half of the student body gathers from approximately 80 different countries and regions around the world. GCEP accepts trainees at both the undergraduate and graduate level.During their time on the program, trainees are accommodated with APU students at the AP House student dormitory and take lectures in English. Trainees can also choose from a range of available APU courses that best meet the needs of each participating corporation. Outside the classroom, trainees can also experience intensive intercultural exchange and English language training with their classmates and English language volunteer students.

APU Vice-President HIRATA Junichi praised the trainees’ efforts and presented each with a certificate of completion. “This program provided you with more than just an opportunity to learn English and improve your cross-cultural understanding; it offered you a venue to develop networks that you can utilize in business. APU Liaison Director TAKANO Kenji also praised the trainees’ hard work before brining the ceremony to an end, “Your experiences at APU have helped you to gain a better understanding of the different cultures, opinions and political views that exist in different countries and regions. Not only will these experiences prove to be a valuable resource throughout your lives, they will also be very useful in your careers”.

More information on the GCEP Program (PDF, available in Japanese only)

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