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The 2013 Makino Textbook Scholarship Presentation Ceremony


Jul 19, 2013

On Wednesday, July 17, 2013, the Makino Textbook Scholarship Presentation Ceremony was held at APU. Twenty recipients were each presented with a book voucher. This scholarship was established with the aim of reducing students’ financial burden of purchasing textbooks.

This scholarship was made possible through the generous donation by APU Visiting Professor at the College of International Management, MAKINO Hirofumi, in order to reduce the financial burden for students purchasing specialized, and often expensive, textbooks.
The Dean of Student Affairs, Prof KIM Chan Hoe, introduced Professor MAKINO who then addressed the audience and presented each recipient with their book voucher. “It is said that ‘people become what they think’. Please believe these words and work towards becoming your ideal self. I hope that this scholarship will help you take one step closer to realizing your dreams”.

Each recipient then expressed their gratitude and spoke of their dreams for the future. TULADHAR Alisha (APM2, Nepal) said, “Textbooks are expensive but this scholarship has helped me to buy all the textbooks I need. I hope to go to graduate school in the future and I am sure that this scholarship will help me to concentrate on my studies and fulfill my dream”.

Professor MAKINO then chatted with the students, introduced a book that he read when he was a student, and spoke about how he learnt the importance of kindness and open-mindedness through reading the book.


The Makino Textbook Scholarship Recipients:
PREMARATNE Ganohariti R. J.
(APS3, Sri Lanka)
AKRAMOV Akbarjon (APM2, Uzbekistan)
PHAM Hai Nam(APS3, Vietnam) TULADHAR Alisha (APM2, Nepal)
THANYAPAGONPUN Nattha (APM3, Thailand) TRUONG Hoang Bich Chau (APM2, Vietnam)
MANUPONG Chalee (APM3, Thailand) NGUYEN Le Bao Vy (APS1, Vietnam)
CHAMNANKIT Boonnicha (APM3, Thailand) HOANG Thi Xuan Anh  (APS1, Vietnam)
NGAMPHAIBOON Hattakarn (APM3, Thailand) YU Shuangying  (APS1, China)
HONG Sangwon (APM3, Korea) SIROJIDDINOV Elyor (APM1, Uzbekistan)
NGUYEN Nhu Ngoc (APS2, Vietnam) SUKONTHOTOK Vachiraya (APM1, Thailand)
NGUYEN Quynh Chi (APS2, Vietnam) JAYARATNE Dhanuja Sahan (APM1, Sri Lanka)
JIRAWANIDCHAKORN Aran (APM2, Thailand) BASKOTA Raunak (APM1, Nepal)

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