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Social Outreach Seminar "Japan's Possibilities for Escaping Deflation" Held


Aug 7, 2013

On Wednesday, Jul 24, 2013, APU invited KAMEZAKI Hidetoshi, Corporate Advisor for Mitsubishi Corporation Japan committee and member of the APEC Business Advisory Council, to give a social outreach seminar entitled “Japan's Possibilities for Escaping Deflation".

Mr. KAMEZAKI started by explaining that, due to the long period of economic stagnation in Japan, the Japanese people have extremely high expectations for economic growth. He added, looking at the current economic situation, “Stock prices are rising and, ever so slightly, the sentiment of the people is turning positive. There is also an uptick in business confidence, and things are getting off to a good start; however, this shift in mood is premature because the actual economy has not changed yet. Whether or not Japan can escape deflation is an issue for the future. Monetary easing, fiscal policy and the growth strategy must be implemented in tandem." Mr. KAMEZAKI used figures and graphs to explain the kinds of problems Japan faces from various angles.

Following the lecture, Mr.KAMEZAKI then responded to each of the many questions raised by the student audience.

Since 2010, APU has been arranging Social Outreach Seminars and inviting business representatives, entrepreneurs and experts to speak to our students as an opportunity to gain the skills and knowledge graduates need out in the workplace.

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