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High School Students from around Japan Join Summer Retreat Programs


Sep 2, 2013

At APU, we plan retreat-style learning programs for Japanese high school students scheduled to sit entrance examination next spring. This year we held the APU Summer Camp Short Stay Program 2013 on Friday, August 1 and Saturday, August 2, followed by the APU Summer Camp 2013 from Tuesday, August 6 through Thursday, August 8. A total of 160 students joined the programs and experienced university-level learning by discussing current issues and the future of global society in groups. Every year, these programs are led by APU faculty members with current students providing support as Teaching Assistants (TAs).


Launched last year, the APU Summer Camp Short Stay Program is an overnight program. The 64 participants engaged in group work, where they gained skills and first-hand experience in facilitating discussions, making friends and learning how to understand foreign cultures. By having high school students interested in APU interact with each other and APU upperclassmen, this program provides students with a chance to think about their reasons for going to university and what they want to study.

One of the participants said, "I have trouble talking to people I meet for the first time, so I was nervous at first, but through the various sessions, I learned the importance of intercultural understanding, open-mindedness, teamwork and motivation. I really enjoyed communicating with the other high school students."

This year marked the 14th year for the three-day, two-night APU Summer Camp, which garnered 96 participants. In addition to lectures, students experienced APU's proactive learning style first-hand by using the library and the Internet to conduct group research and engage in discussions on a set topic. On the final day, students gave presentations, and the best two groups were awarded prizes based on an assessment of presentation content and delivery.

One participant reflected on the camp by saying, "The learning component was much more enjoyable and harder than I expected. At times, I thought time management and presentation preparations were hard, but it was very rewarding to work with other students for three days and two nights—something I had never done before—to complete our presentation."

We look forward to seeing all of these students at APU next Spring.

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