The APU Notebook Certificate Conferral Ceremony held


Jun 19, 2014

On Wednesday, June 11, 2014, a certificate conferral ceremony was held to recognize the outstanding achievements of students who completed the APU Notebook. APU Vice-President KAMIKO Akio praised the efforts of the eleven recipients before handing each student a certificate of recognition.

As part of the pre-enrollment education at APU all domestic students* are tasked with writing up ‘APU Notes’, one page overviews, based on a self-dictated theme, for each of the countries and regions represented by the international student** body on campus.

The Grand Prize for 2014 was awarded to ISHIKAWA Mayu (College of Asia Pacific Studies, 1st Year, Japan)

Expressing her joy at receiving the award and sharing with the audience her aspirations for the future, Ms. ISHIKAWA made the following comment. “I focused my energy on really researching each country, finding inspiring photos, reading a lot of literature, and finally, expressing what I wanted to say in my own words. Out of the 78 countries there were some that I knew nothing about except their name. Through the ‘APU Note’ assignment however, I was able to discover things about countries I knew nothing about, learn interesting facts about each country and get a better understanding of the various problems some of these countries face. I enrolled at APU because I wanted to learn about different cultures. More than anything else, I think the time I spend everyday talking with friends with different values and who speak many different languages is the essence of me being able to widen my own perspectives. I will endeavor to make the most of the next four years and work hard to utilize the knowledge I acquired doing this assignment as a catalyst to further learning.”

* The term "International Students"denotes those students who possess a "college student visa".

**The term "Domestic Students"includes international students with non-Japanese nationality possessing residential status in Japan other than "college student".

APU-Note Prize Winners

Grand Prize ISHIKAWA Mayu(College of Asia Pacific Studies (APS), Graduated from Wako Senior High School)
Runner-up Prize OMOTO Sae (APS,Graduated from Mikunigaoka Senior High School)
Runner-up Prize SASAKI Yumi (APS, Graduated from Reitaku Senior High School)
Prize winner OBATA Rintaro (College of International Management (APM) , Graduated from Kagoshima Gyokuryu Senior High School)
Prize winner TANAKA Kana (APM, Graduated from Tokushima Bunri Senior High School)
Prize winner NAKAGAWA Mizuki (APS, Graduated from The Third Senior High School of Nihon University) 
Prize winner MORITOMO Maki (APS, Graduated from Sakura Senior High School)
Special mention TATEISHI Yu (APS, Graduated from Ogi Senior High School)
Special mention MITORI Ayako (APS,Graduated from Seiseiko  Senior High School)
Special mention TAKEISHI Imari (APS, Graduated from Iwata Senior High School)
Special mention YOSHINAGA Miki (APM, Graduated from Kagoshima Joho Senior High School)

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