APU Selected as One of Japan’s Top 30 “Global Hub Universities”


Sep 26, 2014

President, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University

This is to announce that Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University’s (hereafter denoted as APU) application was selected for the “Type B: Leading Global Type” category of Japan’s Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology’s 2014 “Top Global University Project.”

“The ‘Top Global University Project’ aims to offer support for improvements to the academic environment at universities that are taking aggressive action to implement university reform, adopting measures to secure their status as world-class universities, and taking initiatives to bolster their level of international competitiveness.” (Excerpted from the MEXT homepage)

There are two categories within the “Top Global University Project.” “Type A: Top-Ranking Type” is targeted at universities with world class level academics and research with the power to aspire to a spot in the World University Ranking’s top 100. “Type B: Leading Global Type” is aimed at universities that continue to challenge themselves by conducting trailblazing trials building on pasts achievements in addition to possessing the ability to propel globalization efforts within Japanese society. There were a total of 109 applications from 104 universities for both the Type A and B categories. Final selection results show 13 universities selected for Type A (81% acceptance rate) and 24 universities selected for Type B (26% acceptance rate).

Please take time to read a message from the President regarding APU’s selection for this project at the link below. 

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