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Special Lecture by CM Director Mr. NAKAJIMA Shinya, and Promote Oita Tourism CM Presentation


Nov 5, 2014

On Wednesday, October 15, 2014, CM Director Mr. NAKAJIMA Shinya gave a special lecture titled ‘Make Communication’. In addition to talking about his job and introducing the commercials he has created, Mr. NAKAJIMA also spoke of the doctrines he practices in his everyday life. He told students about the importance of finding a good balance between the whirlpool of various issues, problems, situations, and interests facing them. The audience listened with great interest to the very entertaining, and at times humorous, lecture.

Following the lecture APU students presented their commercials made to promote Oita tourism to an international market. The Oita prefectural government requested the help of APU international students for this project, a project that saw groups of students specifically targeting audiences in Korea, China, Taiwan, Thailand and ‘international’ – a category for commercials that targeted all audiences. CMs ranged from musical-type through to video letter-type, and were all made with the interests and tastes of the country being targeted in mind.

Team ORANGE was chosen as the grand prize winner, taking away the Prefectural Governor’s Award for their commercial of a little girl taking viewers on a tour around Oita, showing the warmth and hospitality of the Oita people. Their CM was part of the ‘international’ category. Special judge’s Award (NAKAJIMA Shinya Award) went to Team China, and the APU President’s Award went to Team Thailand. All of the completed CMs were sent off to Oita Prefectural Associations abroad, as well as related government organizations. We hope the CMs will all be posted and available for viewing on YouTube from about the middle of November so please make sure you have a look.

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