Venture Companies Top Executives Forum @ APU


Nov 26, 2014

APU invited venture business entrepreneurs to the APU campus on Friday, October 31, 2014 for the “Venture Business Managers Forum @ APU” to deepen student knowledge and understanding regarding the process of starting a business and the venture business industry. This forum was held for the first time last year making this the second time for APU to host the forum. Six venture business leaders (names below) spoke while Mr. SUGASHITA Kiyohiro, Special Advisor to the APU President, presided as the forum facilitator. The forum speakers gave APU students, who will soon be going out into working society, valuable advice in the form of anecdotes on their own experiences in business, the reason for starting their own business, how they made use of business opportunities afforded them, their experiences up to the present, and their convictions with regards to their business. The majority of forum participants were comprised of students thinking of starting their own business and those with an interest in the topic, in addition to students who wish to seek future employment at a venture business. Participants eagerly listened to the speakers hoping to learn from these individuals who are active on the forefronts of the business world.

IMIO Corporation, President, Mr. KURABAYASHI Keishiro
VIVA JAPAN Inc., Founder, Mr. HAMADA Hisato
SHIFT Corporate, CEO, Mr. TANGE Masaru
WORKS APPLICATIONS Co., Ltd, Chief Executive Officer, Mr. MAKINO Masayuki
Artyz Inc., Co-Founder, Ms. SHAFIYEVA Zulfiya (APU Graduate)
(In no particular order, honorific titles omitted)

Since 2010, APU has been arranging Social Outreach Seminars and inviting business representatives, entrepreneurs and experts to give lectures as a means to provide students with the skills and knowledge they will need in the workplace.

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