Certified Public Accountants and Auditing Oversight Board Chairperson Mr. CHIYODA Kunio gives Lecture at APU


Dec 12, 2014

  On Friday, October 31, 2014, APU welcomed Mr. CHIYODA Kunio, Chairperson of the Certified Public Accountants and Auditing Oversight Board (CPAAOB), to give a lecture titled ‘Miryoku aru Kaikeigaku’ (Attractive Accounting). The CPAAOB is an organization responsible for securing the quality of certified public accountants and auditing systems within Japan.

  In his lecture Chairperson CHIYODA talked about an array of topics, from the importance of understanding the overall framework of financial accounting systems, how important it was to use book keeping as a foundation and gateway into the discipline of accounting, and recent movements surrounding the IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards). He also introduced the various fields that accountants could be active in, such as becoming certified public accountants, and the appeal and attractiveness these different fields held. Approximately 200 students took notes as they listened with great interest to Mr. CHIYODA’s lecture.

  While the lecture did contain specialist content, leaving some students new to the field of accounting commenting that it was a bit difficult, the majority of students said the lecture made them realize the importance of accounting and helped increase their motivation to study it.

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