Feb 23, 2015

The first APU Student Photo Contest titled ‘Shaping My World - Japan, Beppu, APU and Me’ was held from December 20, 2014 to January 20, 2015. Fifty students participated in the contest with 102 photos submitted under four categories. The judges were impressed with the many high-quality submissions that showed our students knew the right spot and the right moment to snap a photo. The ten winning works not only achieved excellence in relevancy to the topic, creativity and photographic ability, but also established a high level of originality.

At the Award Ceremony, held on January 30, 2015, one of the organizers joked: ‘’APU students love trees’’, pointing out that there were more entries depicting landscapes than life and people. He recommended students to explore this area, starting with taking photos of their own life at APU. Chief judge DAHLAN Nariman, Associate Dean of Admissions, also encouraged students to improve their photographic techniques, to think about composition, eye path, lighting and title in order to create a story with their photos. Students were also advised to obtain necessary permission and copyright when taking photos.

The participants went away with a greater passion for photography as a way to enrich their life and a valuable skill for a broader future. The organizers also announced that this will become a regular event at APU.

Chief judge DAHLAN Nariman, the winners and their friends at the 2014-2015 APU Student Photo Contest Award Ceremony

<Award-Winning Photos>
Category 1: My Japan
First Prize - ETO Takumi, ‘Blue Train’
Second Prize - SHIN Dong Uk, ‘Entrance to Autumn’
Third Prize - DANG Thi Thao Trang, ‘Dance in Sunset
Honorable Mention Prizes- MURAYAMA Yohei, ‘芸妓の美’
MURAYAMA Yohei, ‘京の都の桜道’
INDRAJAYA Izza Hafiz Hilmi, ‘Cranes of Peace’
HONDA Kosei, ‘苔むす緑の記憶’

Category 2: My Beppu
First Prize - CHUTHAI Atichat, ‘Golden Hour’
Honorable Mention Prizes - ANZAI Takuya, ‘温泉寝子’
KUSJANTO William, ‘Crowd of Festival in Beppu’

Category 3: Our Life in AP House
No submissions satisfied all judging criteria.

Category 4: Our life in Downtown Beppu
No submissions satisfied all judging criteria.

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