Bahraini Students Visit APU for Short-term Program


Feb 27, 2015

From Monday, January 26 until Friday, February 6, APU welcomed 12 students from the Kingdom of Bahrain for a short-term Japanese language program. The program was designed to provide students who are studying Japanese in Bahrain with a wide range of opportunities to experience Japan and help them further clarify their Japanese language learning goals when they return to the Middle East.

In addition to their Japanese classes, the students took a three-day field trip to Nagasaki, visited companies, joined a walking tour of Kitsuki City, and experienced traditional Japanese culture in the form of flower arrangement and  tea ceremony classes, thus helping them deepen their understanding of Japan's culture and society.

On the final day of the program, the students gave presentations on what they learned and mingled with APU students. In the first session, the students gave presentations in Japanese on a range of topics including Japanese hospitality, solar panels, vending machines, kimono, trains and tea ceremony. They followed this up with a presentation on Bahraini history and culture, and the day ended with an opinion exchange session with APU students.

Many of the students said they would like to continue studying Japanese in Bahrain so they can someday return to study abroad in Japan. We look forward to seeing these students becoming the future bridges between Japan and Bahrain.

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