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The Spring 2015 Graduation Ceremony


Mar 13, 2015

The APU 2015 Spring Graduation Ceremony was held on Friday, March 13, 2015. A total of 688 students, consisting of 165 international students and 523 domestic students from 27 countries and regions, including undergraduate, Masters, and PhD students, successfully graduated. Friends and family members gathered from around the world at B-Con Plaza in Beppu to celebrate the graduating students as they prepare to take what they have learned at APU to the next stage of their lives.

APU President KORENAGA Shun congratulated the graduates and offered words of encouragement. “The world is becoming increasingly uncertain, violent and destructive. We must learn from human history. We must realize that APU's mission of 'Freedom, Peace and Humanity' is one of the universal truths that humans have come to understand, and we must rely on this universal truth as we face up to violence and destruction. It is foolish to think that the values held by any one religion or one political ideology are absolute. Why do we have trouble accepting and respecting others for who they are? What transcends ethnic and religious differences is respect for human dignity and mutual understanding. The diversity of APU, where people can accept each other, creates new value. Respecting diversity and human dignity is the spirit of APU, and this spirit can save the world from chaos. I hope that you will lead long and fulfilling lives with the spirit of APU in your hearts.”

Graduates representing the undergraduate and graduate schools, each gave their own speeches and bid a farewell to their lives as students. 

MOHAMED Ikram Mohamed Ihthisham (College of International Management, Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka), recipient of this year’s ANDO Momofuku Honor Prize, represented the undergraduate students at the ceremony in thanking and honoring the graduates: “As I went through the process of applying for the ANDO Momofuku Honor Prize, I had the opportunity to reflect and learn more about myself and my future dreams. As I reflected, I realized that my dreams took shape during my time here, at APU. It was the opportunities and experiences I gained at APU that have helped me to bring together my desires, interests, and dreams. Now I can see that the motto of APU – Shape your world – is so very true for me. To all the junior students, I encourage you to study not only for yourself but to study so that you become a better person and so that you can change the world. The faculty at APU are waiting to help you shape and mold your world. It is up to each and every one of you to approach them. They will give you their best, and in return they will expect to see you standing here one day in a red graduation gown. This will bring a smile to their faces. Study hard and do your best!”

Representing the Graduate School, SANDUIJAV Tserendolgor (Graduate School of Management, Master’s Program, Mongolia) also addressed the audience: “The diverse environment of APU gave me not only lifelong friends, but also the necessary skills and knowledge that will be of use in becoming a responsible global citizen.  It provided us with the opportunity to balance our personal priorities and feel free to choose whatever path we like. I will remember my days studying here as the most valuable and quality years of my life. I will do my best to demonstrate to the world outside that APU graduates are the best specialists and professionals the Asia Pacific region can have. As Japanese and Mongolian people have a close bond in terms of culture, social and economic affairs, and human-to-human exchange, I will contribute to deepening this friendly relationship. May all the people in this world stay in peace and justice and be happy and bright like the rising sun of Japan! ”

After the ceremony, each graduate was awarded with a diploma and the joy of the moment was captured in their beaming smiles. All of the graduates then gathered together to toss their red caps in the air to the chant of “We are APU” which was met with thunderous applause. The freshly minted graduates left the ceremony in a joyous rush - each one eager to start out on their new life journey.

The Spring 2015 Number of Degree Granted Students
  Domestic Students International  Students Total
College of Asia Pacific Studies (APS)  345(1) 52(0) 397(1)
College of International Management (APM) 176(0) 100(1) 276(1)
College Total 521(1) 152(1) 673(2)
Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies Master's Program(GSAM) 1 4 5
Graduate School of Management(MBA) 0 5 5
Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies Doctoral Program(GSAD) 1 4 5
Graduate School Total 2 13 15
Total 523 165 688

The numbers in parentheses represent Accelerated Graduation Program students.

The graduation ceremony was also broadcast live on the internet via Ustream. Footage can be viewed here.
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