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APU students selected for MEXT’s “TOBITATE! Young Ambassador Program”!


Mar 27, 2015

Two APU students were selected for the Japan Public-Private Partnership Student Study Abroad Program “TOBITATE! Young Ambassador Program”. APM second-year* student AKAO Noriaki was chosen for the “Unique challenge course” for the program’s 1st batch (programs beginning between August 2014 ~ March 2015), and NAKAO Atsumi, second-year student in the Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies Master’s Course, was chosen for the “World-leading institutions” course for the 2nd batch (programs beginning between April ~ October 2015).

Only 59 students nationwide were selected for the 1st batch’s “Unique challenge course”, and only 43 nationwide for the 2nd batch’s “World-leading institutions course”. In October 2014, AKAO began conducting research in the Republic of Malawi under the direction of the Malawi Department of Tourism, and also traveled to Zambia, Tanzania, and Madagascar where he had the chance to broaden his horizons, including gaining new perspectives on business management. NAKAO will be staying at UBC (The University of British Columbia) and is scheduled to depart in May for a seven month stay in Vancouver, Canada in order to research the distribution of Japanese pop culture.

The TOBITATE! Young Ambassadors program currently offers the following five programs: (1) Natural sciences/cross-disciplinary course (2) Emerging economies course (3) World-leading institutions course (4) Unique challenge course (5) Regional development course. Recruitment of participants for upcoming programs is scheduled to take place in the future. For those who are interested, please search for “TOBITATE” for more information.

This program is available to students who hold Japanese nationality or who have obtained permanent residency. As applications will be accepted through the university, recruitment of new students will also be announced through Campus Terminal.

“TOBITATE! Young Ambassador Program”  : http://www.tobitate.mext.go.jp/index.html

*Year at the time of departure

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