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APU Lecture by ITO Yoshiaki , President & Chief Executive Officer of Haier Asia Co., Ltd.


May 22, 2015

On May 12, 2015 (Tuesday), APU hosted a lecture by ITO Yoshiaki, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Haier Asia Co., Ltd., on the topic of Getting Ready to Build Your Career as a "Global Leader". Presenting his second lecture at APU, Mr. ITO spoke about how to prepare to become a global leader based on his experiences in various business fields.

In his opening statements, Mr. ITO addressed the students by saying, "I would like to inspire you as much as possible as it would also connect me to future leaders."

During his lecture, Mr. ITO described his experience of proposing a see-through washing machine, a novel product without precedent, and being told by many people that it was impossible. He explained that checking your gut and following your heart in such an environment leads to success. He added that staying on top of current trends and polishing your skills will help to survive in a changing society. In particular, he stated that languages are not only a communication tool but also helpful for knowing the culture and local trends, and can be useful even on a hobbyist level without a high-level of skill.

In closing, Mr. ITO told the students, "I want you to enjoy your lives such that you embrace your own values without being led astray by others".

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