The APU Notebook Certificate Conferral Ceremony held


Jun 22, 2015

On Wednesday, June 10, 2015, a certificate conferral ceremony was held to recognize the outstanding achievements of students who completed the APU Notebook. APU Dean, Academic Affairs YOSHIMATSU Hidetaka praised the efforts of the ten recipients before handing each student a certificate of recognition.

"APU-Note" is a unique APU assignment that is required of all domestic students* as part of the pre-enrollment education.

This notebook contains one printed page with the name of each home country or region. Domestic students** who are planning to enroll compile the notebook in their own way by (1) researching thirty or more countries and regions, (2) writing a paper on a topic they are interested in, and (3) describing the goal of their APU student life on the topic of APU and their personal dream. This year once again the students exercised their ingenuity in the research and means of expression to present a one-of-a-kind APU-Note that is brimming with individuality.

The Grand Prize for 2015 was awarded to SAKAMOTO Aoi (College of Asia Pacific Studies, 1st Year, Japan).

Expressing her joy at receiving the award and sharing with the audience her aspirations for the future, Ms. SAKAMOTO made the following comment. “While working on my APU Note I went to the library nearly every day, reading books on the themes I had chosen for each country, choosing and compiling the most important information and the parts I found interesting, and taking care to write my observations in my own words.

At times, the books relating to my themes were quite difficult, and sometimes it took a long time for me to understand them and organize the information, but I was happy to learn new things and add to my own knowledge. I have a vivid memory of the sense of accomplishment and thrill I felt when my APU Note was complete.
My dream is to work at the United Nations organization UNICEF. To make that dream come true, I want to be actively involved in volunteer work and international cooperation activities, in addition to gaining specialized knowledge through course lectures. I also want to study abroad, so I plan to put all my effort into my studies going forward.”

APU-Note Prize Winners

Highest awardSAKAMOTO Aoi (College of Asia Pacific Studies (APS))
Excellent prizeYAMAMOTO Karin (APS)
Excellent prizeISHIKAWA Mayuko (APS)
Excellent prizeKUBOSHITA Natsumi (APS)
Excellent prizeKATAYAMA Miyu (College of International Management (APM))
Prize winnerNISHIGAKI Hikaru (APS)
Prize winnerMATSUNAGA Yumi (APS)
Prize winnerTAKEO Lennon (APS)
Prize winnerKINOSHITA Akiha (APS)
Prize winnerDOI Azumi (APS)

* The term "International Students" denotes those students who possess a "college student visa".

**The term "Domestic Students" includes international students with non-Japanese nationality possessing residential status in Japan other than "college student".

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