High School Students from Around the World Joined the ACE Camp at APU


Aug 3, 2015

From June 14 (Sun) to 21 (Sun), 2015, 24 high school students from 6 different countries including Indonesia, Nepal, Myanmar, Vietnam, USA, and Japan participated in the ACE (Academic and Cultural Experience for high school students) Camp. The ACE Camp is a program where participants experience Japanese and Asian culture in a diverse environment at APU while learning to understand and respect each other.

During their stay in Japan, they had Japanese language lessons, experienced tea ceremony, wadaiko (Japanese drumming) and homestay, visited a local high school in Oita city as well as built strong friendships among the participants. They also watched the Chinese Week Grand Show. Through this experience, the participants seemed to have a better understanding of different cultures.

We received many positive comments from the participants, such as “I had a great time and unforgettable experience doing homestay and interacting with the university students and staff.”, “Through this camp, I learned a lot of things such as Japanese culture and how to communicate and live together with people from different cultural backgrounds.”, “I made many friends and enjoyed spending time with them through the different events and activities.”

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