2015 Summer Gateway Program


Aug 7, 2015

From Thursday, June 4 through Thursday, July 30, 2015, APU hosted 40 students from the US, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Macau on the Summer Gateway program, an 8-week intensive Japanese language and culture study program. During the program, participants took part in a field trip to Nagasaki, a local school visit, a farm-stay, and cultural activities to deepen their understanding of Japanese culture and society in addition to Japanese language. We spoke with three students about their experiences at APU.

(Bridgewater State University)

I have gotten everything that I had hoped to in my trip to Japan through Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University’s Gateway Program. I was able to travel to various places in Japan, including beautiful and inspiring Nagasaki. I was able to experience the kind-hearted spirit of the Japanese people many times over. In an environment with so many international students, even the local people of Beppu see the effort of students adapting to their culture and repay that respect by helping when they can. APU has a diverse and vibrant community, paying tribute to the countries and cultures of all of their students. I wanted to experience Japanese culture; I received that and so much more.
(University of Dayton)

The Gateway program was an incredible experience. Visiting Japan has been a long time dream and the Gateway program was a wonderful opportunity for me. The intensive language course helped me learn and understand the Japanese language quickly and efficiently. The trips and events planned by the Gateway program gave me an amazing cultural experience unlike any I have had before. Joining the APU Gateway program was a life changing decision.
PAPPAS Nicholasさん
(Shepherd University)

The summer Gateway program at APU not only offered the opportunity to learn Japanese in a short period of time, but also be immersed in the Japanese lifestyle and culture. During my time at APU, my favorite thing was the campus life. Nearly every day on campus, there was some sort of event or performance occurring. I didn't know much about APU before coming, but when I arrived, I knew I had made the right choice. The campus diversity is like no other; I now have friends from around the world. And though we only met for two months, the bonds formed are closer than any other. One especially great thing about the program was being paired with a Japanese student, and many friendships and memories were made that way. I came to APU with no prior Japanese experience, with no specific reason for learning. But now, I wish to continue my studies - being able to speak Japanese has led to more adventures and memories than I could have imagined. I hope to return to Japan in the future to work and master the language.

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