Makino Textbook Scholarship Award Ceremony


Sep 3, 2015

On Monday, August 3, 2015, the Makino Textbook Scholarship award ceremony was held at APU. The purpose of the scholarship is to help reduce the financial burden on students when purchasing textbooks. This year, 10 students were presented with vouchers that can be used to buy textbooks.

This scholarship was established by APM Visiting Professor MAKINO Hirofumi, who wanted to provide students with financial aid for the purchase of expensive technical books and textbooks.

Dean of Student Affairs MAKITA Masahiro introduced Professor MAKINO and thanked him for his generosity, after which Professor MAKINO stated, "I hope this scholarship helps to boost the scholastic ability and career prospects of all the students who received it." He then recommended two books he felt would help students in their studies and career search. Additionally, he commented on the value of leadership and teamwork in the real world. "You are talented students, and I have great expectation for all of you. Remember to keep working hard," proclaimed Professor MAKINO as he handed the students their screening results and book vouchers.

Each student gave a few words of thanks after receiving their vouchers and spoke about their own future dreams.

DO Ky Lam (APM2, Vietnam) said, "I would like to express my gratitude to Professor Makino for this generous donation. The scholarship is significantly meaningful and of great sentimental value, as it does not only relieve the financial burden of purchasing textbooks, but also helps us to move one step closer to reaching our education goals. It truly inspires and encourages us to persevere on the grand journey to gain wisdom and knowledge. As a recipient, I have been greatly motivated to strive for academic excellence, my future career, and my personal development. I treasure this wonderful opportunity that Professor Makino has provided and am determined to make the most of it."

Meanwhile, ROBINSON (APM2, Indonesia) said, "This scholarship is not just monetary aid to help us, hard working students, buy textbooks, it also provides us with peace of mind so we can concentrate on our studies without worrying about money. I was faced with a large textbook bill, so this scholarship will let me focus on the task of learning. I intend to earn a GPA of 4.0 next semester."

Lastly, Professor MAKINO took time to become better acquainted with the student. He carefully answered their questions and shared anecdotes about his own experiences studying overseas and his professional career.

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